Friday, December 25, 2009

Zoo Lights Trip

We ventured out, the first time as a family of 7, to our local zoo for their zoo lights display. It was awesome! They put up about 2.5 million lights this year. And some displays have a lot of lights on them, like the Big Blue Tree which has 500,000 lights on it. WOW!

We took Jared to the zoo's light display years ago. Here he is back in 2006, at 2.5 years old. What a little guy he was back then!!Now, here are pictures of our trip to the zoo lights in 2009.

Jared, waiting in line for the zoo lights. Man, were there A LOT of people there at the zoo!!!!Brielle, donning her winter hat :DAnna, just "chillin'" Ha! ;)Bethany, questioning WHY Mama has to always take a picture of her and her siblings. Oh well, girly ;)Suzan, being silly (as usual :D )A few of the light displays. A peacock. What beautiful colors!A snakePaul with his 5 kids...Brielle, Anna, Jared, Suzan and BethanyMaria with her 5 kids...same orderJared enjoying a hot chocolate break, along with some animal crackers. Ha! Animal crackers at the zoo! Get it? I know, bad joke :PMore light displays...a daddy giraffeAnd a Mama and baby giraffeSome beautiful pink-lit treesJared, up in the front, and Jengo the talking giraffe. Don't know why a talking giraffe but it is a hoot for the kiddos.Bethany, enjoying some animal crackers snack and watching/listening to the talking giraffeSuzan with her snackBrielle snacking too and being cute :DAnna, too, snacking and being cute and sweet :DThe zoo has a display in which lit trees "dance" or are choreographed to music. It's pretty cool!The crazy parents (photo taken by our eldest child, hence the odd angle ;) )And yet some more light displays...Komodo dragonSpider and webBig BlueAnd huge flowers at the entranceHope your Christmas is a good one! From all of us, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
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