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Thanksgiving 2009...ROAD TRIP!

It had been 3 years since we saw our (Maria's) extended family. Last time everyone saw us we were a family of 3. Jared was 2.5 years old, not even in preschool yet, and we didn't know ANYTHING about quadruplets then ("quads? what's that?!?!?" ;) ). Funny what can happen and change in 3 years - Ha! :D So this Thanksgiving we resumed our family tradition and took a 7.5hr road trip to gather with aunts, uncles and cousins for Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Norma's. Yay!!!! The girls did well on the road trip, thanks to well-stocked Snack Traps (thanks again for the tip Mary!) and a big box of toys. They did fuss and cry a bit but nothing too bad - YAY! Oh! And we ate out with them for the first time ever! Granted, it was at Wendy's but hey, it counts right? ;) They were SO good in the restaurant and yes, we did get MANY comments from curious folks.

I never realized how much I enjoy seeing my extended family until this year. It was fun seeing everyone again and for them to finally meet the girlies, for the first time in person, and to see Jared again, 5.5 years old and a Kindergartner! So, here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving road trip :D WARNING! LOTS of pictures!

We stopped 2 times on the drive over, once for lunch and once at the dinosaurs. Boy, was it was windy!! I remember as a little girl my mom and I always stopping to see the dinosaurs when we would make our road trips to visit family. Anna, Brielle and Bethany stretching their legs.

Anna and the big brontosaurusGrammy, Anna and SuzanAnna PieSuz...yeah, she REALLY didn't like the bitter cold wind blowing aroundGrammy must be warming up her hands on Brielle's cheeks :DBethany checking things outBethany, Brielle, Anna and SuzanBethany, Suzan, Brielle, Grammy and Anna walking around with the dinosaursPaul and Jared coming back from checking out the inside of the brontosaurus (the gift shop)Grammy with the 5 kids, Brielle, Bethany, Suzan (still crying 'cause of the wind), Anna and JaredJared and the T Rex's toe :DWalking back to the van. Goodbye dinos!Whew! We made it! All unloaded and settled in. What does a room packed full of 4 pack-n-plays and 4 toddlers look like? This! :DAnna eating breakfastBrielle eating breakfastSuzan eating breakfastBethany eating breakfastAnd Grammy and Jared eating breakfast too ;)Thanksgiving day at Aunt Norma's home. Paul and Jared with Maria's cousin's, Tony's, twin boys, Damian and Sebastian (8mo). The twins are almost exactly a year younger than the quads, short 2 days I believe.Bethany, Suzan and Grammy playing in Aunt Norma's living roomPaul and Bethany playingMatsuki (Tony's wife) and one of their twin boys, Damian (8mo)Damian and Sebastian (8mo) playing with the girlies' toysAnna playing. What a sweet smile!Brielle playingSuzan playingBethany playing. Looks like she is giving someone an evil-eye look here - Ha! :PMaria's Aunt Candy, Cousin Audrey and Aunt DonnaWe thought maybe the girls were getting a bit hungry for some turkey, mashed taters and gravy and pumpkin pie...BrielleAnna eatingBethanyAnd SuzanCousin Tony with one of his 8mo boys, SebastianMatsuki and Damian againJared. Yeah, I think he must've licked the pool cue or something here ;)Uncle Todd and Cousins Josh and Audrey watching Turkey Day footballAunt Donna, Uncle Darwin and Aunt MicheleJosh, Candy, Audrey and ToddCousin Audrey and Aunt CandyThe Cousins!Maria with her Aunt CandyBack at our home away from home. The kids chillin'...Anna, Suzan, Jared, Bethany and BrielleThe sisters...Norma, Donna and Sharon (Grammy)Hey! A picture of the two of us. That's a rarity ;)Brielle and Anna asleep in the van, after some hard playing at Aunt Norma'sJared, not asleep :)Bethany, looking like she could fall asleepSuzan definitely asleep in the vanAnd again Anna, still asleep :DIt was SOOOOOOOOOO fun to see everyone again! Hope you enjoyed seeing the 7 (8 including Grammy :D ) of us again. Thank you to Aunt Norma for always hosting Thanksgiving dinner...always warm, welcoming and full of yummy food! Also, thank you for reorganizing and accommodating your home for us. We really appreciate it!

Hope to see you all again at Thanksgiving next year!! :D
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King Quads said...

Great pictures, love the one of you and the hubby. Love the girls dresses too. Too funny - sleeping pictures. It's so cool how you get the everyday moments.

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