Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ponytails and Pigtails

For the last couple of days I've been pulling up the girlies' hair, especially for Anna and Bethany as it seems like their hair is always falling into their eyes. So, it's been a lot of cute ponytails and pigtails around here :D I've switched them around, e.g. who sports the ponytail 'do and who sports a pigtail 'do.

Oh, and here is how it got started where all 4 of the girls had to have their hair pulled up. First, I was just doing Anna's and Bethany's hair, as again their hair gets into their eyes. Well, then Suzan stood at my feet, tapping at her head and saying "peas!" Ha! I guess she REALLY wanted her hair to be done ;) Well then, I couldn't let Brielle be the only one with her hair not done so then I did hers too. So, thanks to Suz, everyone gets their hair done by Mama ;) FYI, Suzan is also the one that wants her dresses on, wants her new pretty and pink Christmas jammies on and always asks for her "shooz" and "ocks" on. She is too funny! :D

Here are pics of my breakfast time, this morning, with the girlies, all with the ponytails and pigtails!

Anna and her ponytailBrielle looking cute with her pigtails. And why do they call them pigtails?Bethany being silly, as usual ;)
Suzan, SOOOO not wanting Mama to take a picture of her this morning. Why? I have NO idea. She just kept shaking her head, saying "no" and wiggly out of frame for me. Guess she felt she wasn't "all ready" for her picture to be taken ;)
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The Driggs said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have quadruplets? WOWZA!!!! All of your kids are so adorable! I am loving the ponytails on all the girls. Let the hairstylin' begin! To answer your question about where I go to print my Christmas card, I go to and do their "press printed cards". The paper texture that I use is called art linen (I think they showcase it as just being called "art"). Take care! ~Summer Driggs

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