Sunday, December 06, 2009

Halls all decked

Paul and I spent yesterday decking our halls for Christmas. Ahhhh! There is nothing like having Christmas decorations up and Christmas music playing. It creates a fun, festive and warm feeling, one that I would like to have all year. Paul was great at putting up our Christmas tree and outdoor Christmas lights. Yes, we decided to put up our tree ;) The girlies haven't brought the tree down...yet :D It also helps that there are no ornaments on the tree, just the pre-lit tree. I think having no ornaments on the tree has reduced the amount of attention from the girls. They do like to turn the tree lights on and off, on and off, on and off though :P

And while Paul and Jared were outside putting up lights I was inside getting out our Christmas decorations. One of the items I put up for Christmas was our nativity set. Or I should say our "non-kid-friendly" nativity set ;) We do have a Little People nativity that we've brought out every Christmas since Jared was born. It is very kid-friendly. The other nativity set is one I made back in 2000. Paul gave me a gift certificate to a local ceramics store for my birthday the first year we were married. I LOVED that place. Sadly, they closed up shop (plus would be a drive from us now). I made several ceramic projects there. One of them is this set. I love it! It was something I specifically wanted to make for our family. I believe it has 17 pieces and has lights.This is probably the first time we've had it out since Jared was born. As you can see it's just a bit fragile in little peoples' hands :) But now I think we have the perfect spot for it, up high and out of the way but still visible for the kids to see. Jared saw it all lit up last evening and "oooo"ed and "ahhhh"ed. He was too cute and funny!

A close-up of of everyonePraying we all get to slow down and enjoy this Christmas season! For me (and perhaps for you too?), it always feels like it sneaks up on me and then flies by way too fast. So praying that we all get to soak in the season and rejoice in Christ's birth!
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Jen said...

Your nativity set is amazing! Great job Maria! You are so crafty!

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