Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Fun! A few pics...

I am currently going through my 230+ pictures (whew!) I took of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had a lot of Christmas fun this year! The girlies were much more aware of Christmas this year and Jared enjoyed celebrating with them too.

Even though I am no where near complete in going through my pics, I still thought I would share a few of my favorites, so far, to "tide you over" ;) So enjoy!

Jared having fun building a project from his Electronic Snap Ciruit board. 300 circuit projects to build! A VERY cool gift/toy from G&G Carlson. Thank you again!Jared and his new Christmas, or "snowflake" as he likes to call them ;) , PJs from Mom and Dad. A Christmas Eve gift tradition for us.Brielle and her new Christmas PJs. The girls each received the same PJ set, very pink and very cute :DAnna decided, midway in unwrapping, their new Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home (in pink, I might add) was a good seat to sit on - Ha!Our 5 sweet and beautiful gifts from God! Brielle, Suzan, Jared, Anna and Bethany Christmas morningThe girlies really wanted me to put their new tutus, from Grandma Carlson, on their heads. Guess they thought they were wedding veils instead of tutus? Silly girls!Goofy Bethany!Silly Suz!Too funny Brielle!Check back later for more Christmas pics!
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