Tuesday, December 01, 2009

All bundled up!

It has been quite chilly here in the mornings! Yes, even for AZ ;) Hey, it was 44 degrees here this morning when the girlies and I walked Jared to school. Needless to say, we can't wear our shorts and tees/tanks and go barefoot now. We have to get a bit bundled up, even for our short stroll to Jared's school. It takes this Mama some time making sure everyone is bundled up and warm...pants, shirts, socks, shoes and jackets. Man, I can't believe what I'd have to go through if we lived somewhere REALLY cold, like NoDak ;) Cold, frigid wind. Snow. BRRRRR! Yeah, I guess we will take our "mild" 44 degrees - Ha! :D

Jared and his sisters. Yes, I even found matching jackets for the girlies! Well, Brielle will have to suffice for a brown-colored jacket ;)4 bobbing hooded heads :DThe chilly willy girlies - SuzanAnnaBethanyAnd BrielleWe also want to say "Happy 2nd Birthday!!" to cousin Evelyn! Hope you have an awesome birthday party with friends and family!

We went on a "road trip" last week for Thanksgiving. I'm still working/going through my 213-some pictures of the trip. Have patience, folks. A post of our Thanksgiving trip will be up soon...maybe before the New Year??? Ha! ;)
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Marilee said...

Yes, I bet it is a lot of work to get out the door! Going through this with half the toddlers that you have, I dread for you the potty training, getting them all to go pee before leaving :)

Won't it be nice when they can do it for themselves!

I was lamenting to Daniel last night about how cold it is here in Utah, saying: "It's never cold where I'm from in Arizona!" But then I remembered walking to school in the mornings, especially when we took a short cut through Westwood and there was irrigation water in the fields. We would sometimes take off our shoes and wade through it, instead of turning around and going back.

It DOES get cold in AZ!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Evelyn! We may just stick a candle in a scoop of ice cream for today and call it done. The big party is Saturday.

It does take 20 minutes to get my two out for snow fun in Minnesota. Sadly we have no snow yet. The fireplace works now and steady state temps in the house hang around 78. It will feel great when we do come in from the cold! It is a tropical 48 here today. We hit the playground after lunch.


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