Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ponytails and Pigtails

For the last couple of days I've been pulling up the girlies' hair, especially for Anna and Bethany as it seems like their hair is always falling into their eyes. So, it's been a lot of cute ponytails and pigtails around here :D I've switched them around, e.g. who sports the ponytail 'do and who sports a pigtail 'do.

Oh, and here is how it got started where all 4 of the girls had to have their hair pulled up. First, I was just doing Anna's and Bethany's hair, as again their hair gets into their eyes. Well, then Suzan stood at my feet, tapping at her head and saying "peas!" Ha! I guess she REALLY wanted her hair to be done ;) Well then, I couldn't let Brielle be the only one with her hair not done so then I did hers too. So, thanks to Suz, everyone gets their hair done by Mama ;) FYI, Suzan is also the one that wants her dresses on, wants her new pretty and pink Christmas jammies on and always asks for her "shooz" and "ocks" on. She is too funny! :D

Here are pics of my breakfast time, this morning, with the girlies, all with the ponytails and pigtails!

Anna and her ponytailBrielle looking cute with her pigtails. And why do they call them pigtails?Bethany being silly, as usual ;)
Suzan, SOOOO not wanting Mama to take a picture of her this morning. Why? I have NO idea. She just kept shaking her head, saying "no" and wiggly out of frame for me. Guess she felt she wasn't "all ready" for her picture to be taken ;)
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Fun! A few pics...

I am currently going through my 230+ pictures (whew!) I took of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had a lot of Christmas fun this year! The girlies were much more aware of Christmas this year and Jared enjoyed celebrating with them too.

Even though I am no where near complete in going through my pics, I still thought I would share a few of my favorites, so far, to "tide you over" ;) So enjoy!

Jared having fun building a project from his Electronic Snap Ciruit board. 300 circuit projects to build! A VERY cool gift/toy from G&G Carlson. Thank you again!Jared and his new Christmas, or "snowflake" as he likes to call them ;) , PJs from Mom and Dad. A Christmas Eve gift tradition for us.Brielle and her new Christmas PJs. The girls each received the same PJ set, very pink and very cute :DAnna decided, midway in unwrapping, their new Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home (in pink, I might add) was a good seat to sit on - Ha!Our 5 sweet and beautiful gifts from God! Brielle, Suzan, Jared, Anna and Bethany Christmas morningThe girlies really wanted me to put their new tutus, from Grandma Carlson, on their heads. Guess they thought they were wedding veils instead of tutus? Silly girls!Goofy Bethany!Silly Suz!Too funny Brielle!Check back later for more Christmas pics!
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Zoo Lights Trip

We ventured out, the first time as a family of 7, to our local zoo for their zoo lights display. It was awesome! They put up about 2.5 million lights this year. And some displays have a lot of lights on them, like the Big Blue Tree which has 500,000 lights on it. WOW!

We took Jared to the zoo's light display years ago. Here he is back in 2006, at 2.5 years old. What a little guy he was back then!!Now, here are pictures of our trip to the zoo lights in 2009.

Jared, waiting in line for the zoo lights. Man, were there A LOT of people there at the zoo!!!!Brielle, donning her winter hat :DAnna, just "chillin'" Ha! ;)Bethany, questioning WHY Mama has to always take a picture of her and her siblings. Oh well, girly ;)Suzan, being silly (as usual :D )A few of the light displays. A peacock. What beautiful colors!A snakePaul with his 5 kids...Brielle, Anna, Jared, Suzan and BethanyMaria with her 5 kids...same orderJared enjoying a hot chocolate break, along with some animal crackers. Ha! Animal crackers at the zoo! Get it? I know, bad joke :PMore light displays...a daddy giraffeAnd a Mama and baby giraffeSome beautiful pink-lit treesJared, up in the front, and Jengo the talking giraffe. Don't know why a talking giraffe but it is a hoot for the kiddos.Bethany, enjoying some animal crackers snack and watching/listening to the talking giraffeSuzan with her snackBrielle snacking too and being cute :DAnna, too, snacking and being cute and sweet :DThe zoo has a display in which lit trees "dance" or are choreographed to music. It's pretty cool!The crazy parents (photo taken by our eldest child, hence the odd angle ;) )And yet some more light displays...Komodo dragonSpider and webBig BlueAnd huge flowers at the entranceHope your Christmas is a good one! From all of us, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's for dessert? Christmas Sugar Cookies

Oh yes! It's Christmas sugar cookie bakin' time here in our home! ;) Jared and I spent from yesterday evening until this afternoon baking sugar cookies. Okay, not ALL that time. Last evening we made the sugar cookie dough and let it chill in the fridge overnight. I used this recipe, The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies, from All Recipes and IT IS A KEEPER! Yay! I finally found a good, yummy and reliable recipe. Thanks to those of you who suggested some of your recipes. Sorry I didn't get to try them out. The cookie dough was very easy to make and wasn't fussy. Plus, the cookies baked nicely, a little crisp on the outside but light and soft on the inside. YUM! Even better with some frosting and nonpareils/colored sugar/jimmies on them!

Jared had fun. He is at that perfect age, in my opinion, where he can listen to directions and follow through on them. Plus, I could give him a cooking task, e.g. turn off and on the mixer and at certain speeds, cut out the cookies and place them onto the cookie sheets, frost and decorate them, and know he can do it all by himself and do it well. He was a SUPER sous chef!

Here are some pics of our baking adventures. Oh, and you KNOW we had to "taste test" one or two of them (in Jared's own words ;) )...he, me, Dad and even the girlies. Now, we'll see how long the cookies go uneaten in our home - Ha! :D

Jared cutting out the cookiesAll ready for the ovenIn the oven, at 400* for 6 to 8 minutes. 7 minutes was perfect for my oven. I also rotated them halfway through the baking time.Mmmm, mmmm! All baked and cooling off. FYI, I used parchment paper to cook my cookies on. Excellent! I also tried rolling them out on a floured surface and on a powdered-sugared surface. In my opinion, I think the flour worked better for rolling out, e.g. not having the dough stick.Jared frosting. I went with my "friend" Betty's frosting recipe. Somehow I can never beat her cream cheese frosting recipe ;)Mmmmm! Perfect on the inside too!The girlies enjoying a "taste test"...Anna - "i can't comment with my mouth full here!"Suzan - "ohhhhhh yeah! give me more!!"Bethany - "i give you props for these most awesome cookies!!!!!"Brielle - "hmmm, let me chew on this for a while and get back to you..."Jared being a mad man with the nonpareils, jimmies and colored sugarYUMMY!Round ones...Small, bell-shaped ones...Candy cane ones...Christmas tree ones...Jared frosted and decorated this oneAnd yet, sadly, a one-legged gingerbread boy one...but Mama's tummy "took care" of the broken leg - still yummy! :DHappy Christmas baking and eating!
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