Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veggie garden update

Here is the latest picture update on our veggie garden. Look at how everything is growing! Yay! Jared and Paul also planted some pumpkin seeds (leftover seeds from our Halloween carved pumpkins) into the garden (mixed in with the basil). Well...they germinated and are growing too! Although, we might need to transplant them elsewhere as I believe pumpkins take up a lot of garden space.

Most recent picture, just taken a few minutes ago - 11/12/09. Jared and Paul trellised the peas last weekend.Jared and I did have a "taste test" of the lettuce. Yum! We can't wait until it's harvest time for all of these delicious, homegrown veggies!

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joy0706 said...

it is too funny to see that you are planting an outside garden at this time of year. We've already had the frost and are preparing for the snow in the northeast!

Mr. and Mrs. B said...

You do need to transplant your pumpkins. They will take over and choke out the rest of your precious garden. Trust me, we had a very LARGE garden and had to plant the pumpkins outside the fence to keep them out of the rest of the garden.

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