Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pictures of our Halloween 2009

"Another post? Wow!" Yes ;)

Here are some pictures of our Halloween. We had a good and fun October and Halloween. We carved 2 pumpkins, one for us and then one for a neighborhood party. Yes, we went to a neighborhood party, all 7 of us. That was fun! Jared and I also got to toast some pumpkin seeds, see previous post. Then we all enjoyed going out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, all 7 of us with Grammy. Fun, fun!

Enjoy the picture overload ;)

Jared and Mom carved the pumpkin this year. Jared scooping out the mushy gushies from the pumpkin.Ewe! Slimey and sticky!Jared saying "cheese" for Mama ;)Jared helps with the carving patternMama carves with the knife. Almost done!Hey, we got the pumpkin carved Jared!"Trick or Treat!"Our pumpkin, lit outside Halloween night. Oooooo! Great job Jared!!Off to trick-or-treat with the kids and Grammy! Okay, maybe some picture time by Mama :D Jared in back, in front Anna, Bethany, Brielle, Suzan and Grammy.The 5 kids. It was a bit difficult for Mama to take a picture of all of them,
especially with the girlies walking around and taking off their hair bows. Ha! ;)Awe! Okay, I don't know why Anna and Suzan are crying here. Perhaps they want to go trick-or-treating NOW! and Mama keeps pestering them for more pics :DMore of the kiddosA cute little candy corn Suzan. Again, I don't know why the funny face :PCandy corn Anna pie!Jared walking with BethanyWe just let the kids walk around for a bit and went to our neighbors next door...Jared and BethanyOoooo! A VERY COOL Bumblebee Transformer!He enjoyed his costume :DBethany, Suzan and Brielle checking out the neighbors' Halloween decorations. Anna was brave enough and walked to the neighbors' door already - Ha! :DCute little yummy candy corn Brielle ;)A sweet candy corn Bethany :DOkay, enough Mama pictures ;) Off to trick-or-treating! Jared, Brielle, Anna, Suzan and BethanyAnd just for kicks, the 5 kids last Halloween, 2008. What a difference a year makes! The girls were just baby blobs last year!!!!We had fun trick-or-treating. All 5 kids did AWESOME! Yes, lots of comments and looks from our neighbors. Actually, a lot of them said "we were just waiting to see if you all would come out trick-or-treating! You're here. Yay!" Our neighborhood is full of very sweet and kind people. We are very lucky! A lot of our neighbors also wanted to give the girlies candy. Well, we used Jared's pumpkin as a "community" trick-or-treat bag. Needless to say, it was very heavy for him to hold and carry at the end of the evening. Ha! ;) He had fun and, as usual, the girlies had fun just getting out of the house. All 5 kids have already enjoyed a taste of their candy loot...a few for Jared and then some mini M&Ms for the girls. Man, did those girls like their M&Ms! They chowed down on them like nothing! :D

Our weather was PERFECT for trick-or-treating too...not too hot or cold. Just right. Yay! With our nicer weather the girlies and I are going to get out more...for walks, for park playtime or just for walking and playing in our yard. We've got to enjoy our AZ fall/winter/spring weather before May comes ;) And as I said, the girls get so excited and begin to squeal and giggle if you quietly mention "go out," "outside" or "shoes" to them. Ha! Too cute and funny!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Enjoy fall, y'all :D
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jag said...

I LOOOOOOVE the dresses! They are sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet! Perfect! And, Jared looks adorable too!

Anonymous said...

Every one looked so cute, I am glad everything went well for you on Halloween Lylia

Anonymous said...

I love it all!

I was thinking I should have kept my pumpkin seeds to roast. Next year!


The Cochran Crew said...

PRECIOUS!!!! Those dresses will definitely be copied by the Cochran girls next year to wear during the fall season!!! LOVE THEM!!! Jared looks SOOOOO grown, makes me tear up thinking about how fast it goes by!

Anne said...

Absolutely LOVE the candy corn costumes!!! Jared looks so cool as Bumblebee Transformer.

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