Wednesday, November 04, 2009

20 Months Old

The girls turn 20 months old today. Wow! Only 4 months to go until we have 4 2-year-olds in the house! Does that scare me? Nope. The girls are so good to us. They have been such joys! Even when things seem crazy or hectic or there are a few more tears shed from the girls than necessary I feel blessed by them. They make me laugh. They make me smile. They are so fun! I praise God for them!!!!

Suzan, Bethany, Anna and Brielle at 20 months oldI continue to be amazed at them!
  • They are running now. I think this is fun, as the girls and I will play "I'm gonna get you!" where I crawl around trying to get them, they smile, giggle and run away from me and then when I do catch them I tickle them to death. It's fun! :D
  • They are into shoes. Okay, I should really say they LOVE their shoes. Okay, now I should clarify "any one's shoes." They always say "shoo?" when we change them in the morning, especially Suzan and Brielle. Sometimes we put them on, like if we are going outside or somewhere, and sometimes not. They actually start to giggle and smile when we go grab their shoes. Oh, and as for any other shoes, they go and grab brother's shoes and Mama's shoes, as those shoes are usually sitting out somewhere.
  • They are talking and signing more with us. Yay! Their latest words are ..."uh-oh," "shoo," "plee" (from Bethany only), "jerr" (for "Jared," again from Bethany only), "baw" (for "ball"), "chee" (for "cheese"), "duh" (for "done") and "who whee" (for when Mama says "woo wee" at dirty diapers ;) Brielle only says this). They also have a lot of signs they know..."all done," "milk," "more," "please," "cheese," "juice" and "food."
  • Speaking of food, here are some of their favorites...waffles, French Toast Casserole, raisins, animal crackers, goldfish crackers, PB&J, grapes, cheese and the latest is M&M minis from their Halloween stash ;) Oh, and spicy sweet potato fries. Anna and Bethany would eat 5 lbs of the fries if Mama let them - YUM! ;)
  • They LOVE going outside, whether it is walking Jared to school or going to church on Sundays and Thursdays or going to play in our yard or going on a neighborhood stroll. They also know what "park" means - Ha! I realized this when I was out walking them in the stroller and I saw Bethany sign "please" and point to the park. When I said "oh, no park today Bethany" she cried. Poor girl. So, the next time walking by the park I had to stop and let them play :D We'll have to take advantage of our cooler fall/winter/spring weather and get out more with the girlies!
  • They love playing with each other and with Big Brother!
  • They are climbing and exploring all of our house now. I no longer have them play only in the playroom now. There are times when I just let them stroll around the house. I think they love the freedom ;)
  • They also love their babies, silkies and blankets. Brielle loves her babies still and Bethany can't get enough of a fluffy bear or a soft silkie. She usually pops her thumb in too when she has one of those in her hands. Too cute! :D
They are such wonderful blessings from God! I know I can't get enough of them, enough hugs and kisses and squeezes and giggles :D They are true joys! Praise God for them!!!!
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