Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Having fun visiting with family!

Sorry we haven't posted lately. We're having a fun week visiting with out-of-town family :D Jared and the girls enjoy playing with their cousins, Kezia and Evelyn. Evelyn is about the girls' age and Kezia is two years younger than Jared. So far we...

  • Spent a morning at our city's big kid park, with slides, rock walls, swings and lots more
  • Went swimming in our pool (BRRRR! Okay, cold for us Arizonans, not so cold for the Minnesotans ;) )
  • Water coloring on the back patio
  • A trip to the Arizona Museum of Natural History (formerly the Mesa Southwest Museum for you AZ natives). LOTS of dinosaur skeletons!
  • Mary, John and their girls went on a drive and got to hike up some of our desert mountains. Lots of cacti for them to see!
  • An afternoon swimming at our nearby aquatic center. Kezia and Jared had a blast going down the kiddie water slide a billion times! :D
  • And a group picture of our families :D
Tomorrow is a trip to the zoo, all 11 of us, and then some craft or park or scooter/bike time on Friday and/or Saturday! Fun times I tell you!! :D
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Jen said...

That is such a great picture! Even all of the kids are smiling!

Nikki said...

I love this picture of all of you! Amazing to see that many girls! I can't wait until a picture with all 11 of you plus 3 more (with the other Carlson girl)

jag said...

Busy and fun! The picture is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

What an extra special efort by the adults. What a priceless memory. All the talking between Kezia and Jared must be a sound to hear! All the CUTE haircuts by the quads. They look so much older now--. Kezia and Jared will talk aout this forever. Evelyn in a happy state to be involved with kids her age. Baby Gabrielle is growing FAST so watch out for the next family reunion! All my love, Grandma Carlson

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