Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have a safe Halloween!

We wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween! Enjoy the trick-or-treating. We are taking all 5 kids out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Come back for some more Halloween pics posts :D
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blog Picture Updates

As you can see on the side bar of our blog here, I am updating the pictures of our family. Yeah, the pictures of the kids are O-L-D! I forget how old but I think I took the pictures of them November 2008. And the one of all 7 of us is from June 2008, when the girlies were just itty bitty 3 month olds! Okay yeah, very old pics of us and the kids :P

So, enjoy the new pics of the girls! I just took these this morning, at our neighborhood park. Very fresh and new :D I will get Jared's and then a recent one of all 7 of us updated soon...maybe tomorrow???? ;)
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Costumes 2009

Okay you smartie pants! ;) Looks like almost all of you guessed correct on the Halloween costumes for this year. I think Esther guessed it first :D You are correct...the girlies are going to be candy corn this year and Jared will be the Bumblebee Transformer. That's what he asked to be. No, he's never seen the movie or cartoon show but he does have a few Bumblebee toys and I guess he heard of it from other kids.As for the girls, I wracked my brain on what to do for their costumes. I thought something "4" related would be cute and clever but all ideas were a bit too involved for my liking. Then I looked at purchasing costumes but I can't rationalize spending at least $80, total, for clothes/costumes they will wear for maybe, oh I don't know, 30 minutes. So then I thought of candy corn and perhaps some candy corn costumes that I could make. Thanks to Google I was able to search in "images" and see what is out there that other folks have created and made. Well, I came across a "candy corn pillowcase dress" for $25 (uff!) and thought "okay! I can make that!" One of my friends, Marilee, posted on her blog once about making pillowcase dresses. So I searched for her post, found it and then found her references for sewing instructions. And there you have it!Then I thought "oh, wouldn't the girls look cute with some candy corn colored hair bows?!?!" So again, I searched online, found instructions to make a corker hair bow and made...I also purchased, online, some orange crochet headbands to clip the bows to.The entire costume/outfit.And what is the total $$ spent? Well...

$4.05 for each dress (3 colors of fabric and ribbon at the shoulders). It doesn't include my time for sewing but it was really, really easy and quick!
$3.44 for each bow and headband. Again, not including my labor.
Grand Total = $7.49 per costume!

Not too shabby! Plus, these costumes are a bit more weather appropriate for us and I might get more than 30 minutes of wear and use out of them :D

Now, if they will all sit or stand still and keep their bows and headbands in their hair long enough for Mom to take some pictures. Oh, and you KNOW Jared will be sporting the pose of Bumblebee above ;)
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eat your colors!

Okay, so maybe we didn't get to all of the colors today but hey, it is some of them ;) Orange, green, red, purple. That's a good start. What am I talking about? Well, our tomatoes did so well last spring/early summer that we decided we would get our green thumbs dirty again and try to grow some more veggies in our garden.

Paul and Jared prepped the soil and got the drip irrigation system set up. We thought we'd attempt using a soaker hose for watering the veggies. Then, just this morning, Jared and I ventured to The Home Depot and purchased 5 packets of veggies. Does that seem like a lot to you? Well, we've never done this before and everything sounded so cool to plant :D We chose to go with peas, carrots, mesclun lettuce blend, radishes and basil. We almost got spaghetti squash instead of basil but I think we missed our window to plant the squash. That just means a lot of cooking with basil for me :D

Jared and I planted the seeds after lunch and Paul got the drip irrigation running. I had Jared draw up some garden markers this afternoon and we glued/taped them on to some sticks and put them into the garden. Now, we are set! Hopefully something germinates and yields some yummy veggies! We'll see :)

Jared and our fall/winter 2009 garden
PeasCarrotsMesclun lettuce blendRadishesAnd BasilWish us luck! ;)
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Monday, October 12, 2009

2 more hints

Okay, so I am WAAAYYYYYY behind in blogging here. I have lots to blog about...more girly 1st haircuts, some more yummy recipes, pictures of our visit with Paul's sister, Mary, her husband and 2 cutie girls, Jared's Kindergarten school pictures, etc., etc. Plus one more thing to blog about! Remember a few posts ago I said I was making Halloween costumes for the girls again this year? I gave you all a hint? Well, no one guessed correct :( Sorry. Some of you were close in guessing pumpkins. These costumes are Halloween-related. You always think of Halloween when you see it. So, here are 2 more hints. Can you guess it? Ooooo! They are turning out so cute! I am making "accessories" for the costumes too - very cute and girly, BTW :DOh, and Jared? Well, here is another guess for him. So, who is he going to BEE?Hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of fall!
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Having fun visiting with family!

Sorry we haven't posted lately. We're having a fun week visiting with out-of-town family :D Jared and the girls enjoy playing with their cousins, Kezia and Evelyn. Evelyn is about the girls' age and Kezia is two years younger than Jared. So far we...

  • Spent a morning at our city's big kid park, with slides, rock walls, swings and lots more
  • Went swimming in our pool (BRRRR! Okay, cold for us Arizonans, not so cold for the Minnesotans ;) )
  • Water coloring on the back patio
  • A trip to the Arizona Museum of Natural History (formerly the Mesa Southwest Museum for you AZ natives). LOTS of dinosaur skeletons!
  • Mary, John and their girls went on a drive and got to hike up some of our desert mountains. Lots of cacti for them to see!
  • An afternoon swimming at our nearby aquatic center. Kezia and Jared had a blast going down the kiddie water slide a billion times! :D
  • And a group picture of our families :D
Tomorrow is a trip to the zoo, all 11 of us, and then some craft or park or scooter/bike time on Friday and/or Saturday! Fun times I tell you!! :D
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