Monday, September 14, 2009

What's for dinner? Homemade cheese and pepperoni pizza

YUM! That title just makes me hungry reading it! ;)

So, last week I made homemade pizza for us and the kids for dinner one evening. This is the second time I've done this. Last time I also made a chocolate chunk pizookie a la mode for dessert. Sorry folks, no pizookie this evening ;) Maybe next time.

I found a yummy recipe for homemade pizza dough at All Recipes. It is Jay's Signature Pizza Crust. It's super easy and very yummy! I usually make up the dough in the morning and let it sit and rise all day.

You start off with some yeast (1 packet), a bit of brown sugar and some warm water. Mix them together and let sit and fizzle. If it doesn't fizzle then your yeast might be "dead" and start again with a new yeast packet.After fizzling mix in the salt and olive oilThen mix in the AP flour. I didn't use my stand mixer. One of my mixer bowls and a spoonula worked just fine.Now it's time to dump the dough out onto a board or counter and kneed in the remaining flourYou want to make sure you kneed in enough flour so that it is not sticky but not too dry. I'd say to this consistency/elasticity.Now it's risin' time. Put the dough into an oiled bowl and cover with a towelAgain, this is where I will let it sit on the counter all day and let it rise a couple of timesI will check on it every couple of hours or so, making sure it's rising and also to punch it downAlrighty! Now it's time to make the pizza! I used an 18"x13"x1" pan to cook my pizza on. If you have a pizza stone you could use that too. If you are using a pan make sure you oil the pan before putting the dough down on it. Otherwise, it is stuck!Okay, so here is where I used my homemade pizza sauce. I made a big batch of it last time and froze the remaining, to use at a time like this. This pizza sauce recipe also comes from All Recipes. It is the Exquisite Pizza Sauce. It, too, is super easy to make! Just some tomato paste, warm water, parm cheese, garlic (Ooooo! Garlic! :D ), honey (this I added in to taste. I was worried about it coming out too sweet) and a whole bunch of spices. **One thing, I noticed that the sauce came out a bit spicy. It calls for cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. I might suggest, if you are not into spicy foods, to add these in "to taste." That way you will get the right amount of heat for yourself. Just a note worth mentioning.Mmmmm! Mozzarella cheese! I found it cheaper to purchase the 16oz hunk of cheese and grate yourself. But be careful not to slice off your finger (Amy K! ;) ).Let's start topping it! Pizza sauce...Mozza cheese...And my sister-in-law, Mary, introduced me to turkey pepperoni. I didn't even know it existed! Mary made popover pizza for us long, long ago and she mentioned using turkey pepperoni. Now I'm hooked ;)Mmmmm! Lookin' good! You can top it with whatever toppings you prefer. I've even tried a pesto, basil leaves, sliced tomatoes and slices of mozzarella cheese. YUM!Pop it into the pre-heated oven, bake and you get this yummy pizza!, minus the cute little sous-chef ;)Mmmmm! Mmm! GBD! (aka, Golden, Brown and Delicious!) All of our family loved this! The kids ate it as is and I served Paul and I a little green salad on the side. Hope you get to make this easy homemade pizza!

Happy eating!
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Anonymous said...

I love the sous chef! I have been thinking of making pizza, and now I really think we need to make it soon. I make dough in the bread machine, which is especially easy. Kezia likes to help roll the dough.


Rachelle said...

Great pics! The pizza looks yummy---I'll have to try it with my kiddos :-)

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