Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A "How To..." guide on loading the quad stroller into the van

Every Wednesday, after the girlies and I drop off Jared at school, I pre-load our quad stroller into the back of our van. I do this so I am ready for the next morning (Thursday) to take the girls with me to my Bible study. For us, we don't have a RunAbout receiver hitch carrier to attach the stroller to on the back of the van. Instead, I load the stroller into the back cargo space of the van. At first I was a little apprehensive in doing this. I thought "how am I going to lift this thing up and into the van?" or "I know I am going to break it or me doing this!" Well, I got over that and the learning curve and now it's a piece of cake ;) It takes only a few minutes.

So here is my "how to" guide on loading the quad RunAbout stroller into the van.

Step 1 - Take off the sun canopy. This thing can be a bugger for me! I love it but it can also be a bit of a hassle getting it on and off. I suppose I could leave it off but it is nice coverage for our 300 days of AZ sun ;)Step 2 - Open the back doors of the van and lift the front end of the stroller into the back Step 3 - Lift the back end of the stroller into the van. This requires a bit of arm strength and finesse. Sometimes I use those little red bars and the bottom of the stroller to help lift it up. Sometimes I grab the top of a seat back to help. Or sometimes I just lift with the stroller handle.Step 4 - Loosen and telescope the stroller handle down. Otherwise the van doors won't close ;) Yay for telescoping mechanisms!! :DStep 5 - Adjust the location of the stroller so that it is from corner to corner in the van.Step 6 - Yay! It's in!! Whew! ;)Unloading the stroller is just a reverse of these steps.

Now, I only load and use the quad stroller when I am out with the girls by myself. When we go to church on Sundays there are the two of us so we use our 2 double strollers. Those fold down nice and compact and then lay in the back of the van, side to side.

A funny side note, one day I loaded the girls into the van and was then loading the stroller into the back. Well, someone slowly drove by in the parking lot, stopped and said "wow! I've never seen one of those strollers before! I just had to stop by and see how you get it in back there." Ha! ;) It is quite the sight to see :D
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Jac Tubre said...

Girl you have to splurge and get the trailer hitch attachment!! Sandra Cochran just got a cargo hitch attachement that the stroller fits on and can be used later for luggage, etc on trips. I feel sorry for you are awesome though!


Triple Threat said...

what kind of van do you have? We live in AZ too and I'm struggling getting my huge stroller inside a car with all the car seats! Please let me know! Thanks =)

The Carlsons said...

Triplet Threat, We have a 2004 Chevy Express passenger van, the 2500 to be specific. It's the only thing that will fit all 5 of our kids/car seats, w/o breaking our backs getting them in and out.

It has side doors on both the passenger and driver sides. Usually this kind of van has either a 1) sliding door or 2) 1 set of side doors on either the passenger or driver side. We lucked out having the doors on both sides ;)

We had to purchase the van from Colorado. My husband flew out 1 way and then drove it back. It was worth it!

Hope this helps and you find a vehicle that works for you! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We have a tray on the back for our stroller, its just too big!!

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