Monday, September 28, 2009

First Haircut for Anna Joy!

Yes, I got the girls their first haircuts. Finally! ;) Why finally? Well, for those of you who know us know that our son got his first haircut at 4.5 months old. What?!?!?! Yes, and I have the pics to prove it :D

Jared before, with MamaAnd Jared afterSince then, he gets a haircut about every 2 months, really it should be every 4 weeks because it grows so fast. He has a LOT of hair. And it's thick! Hm...guess he inherited his hair genes from Dad and Mom (yeah, we have a lot of hair too ;) ).

So, you see I am used to getting our children haircuts early on. Needless to say, I was very excited when Mary, my M/F help, and I took Anna and Bethany in to our local hair salon to get their first haircuts. Why these two? I don't know. I just choose them for today. Suzan and Brielle will have their chance to sit in the chairs come Friday :D

Without much further ado, here are pictures of Anna's first haircut. I loved how it turned out! Very cute and stylish :)

BeforeDuring...Yeah, she really didn't enjoy the whole hair cutting experience :PAnd after. Ta da!!
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Triple Threat said...

Love the haircut pictures! Did Anna and Bethany always have longer hair than Brielle and Suzan? Very cute.
On another note, I was wondering if you were looking to get rid of your old baby scale that you have that I've seen in some older posts of yours? We have three little ones and I'm needing to get one as we have to start watching one of their weights more closely, so I was wondering, since you're here in AZ, if you were thinking of getting rid of yours? Also, are you affilitated with any mothers of multiples out here? I looked and every group around me has been disbanned and I can't find any, could you help? Thanks!

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