Saturday, September 26, 2009

Building AND Firefighter Training

This morning was another fun-filled time at the Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic. And you might have guessed it, yes, the project was a fire truck. Very cool! What made this clinic probably the best so far is they had our local firefighters and one of their fire trucks there in the parking lot. Sweet! The kids got to listen and watch as one of the firefighters put on their equipment and then, at the end, the firefighters hooked up the truck and hose to a hydrant and each child got to turn on and off the hose. Yeah, Jared REALLY liked that!! Can't blame him. That was very cool :D

Picture overload here! ;) It was a fun morning, just me and the boy!

Jared getting his fire truck project readyPounding away! Watch for those Mama fingers - Ha! :PMost of the kids at the clinic, sitting down and ready to listen to the firefightersJared with his friend, EyanThe firefighters showing the kids how one of them gets suited up. Man, that's a lot of equipment!I don't know what Jared is doing here ;) I think there was a noise he heard coming from the firefighter's O2 tank??Some of the kids checking out the fully-suited firefighterJared and Eyan again :DShowing the kids some of the equipment they use in getting folks out of trapped carsBack to building...more hammeringSticker decal time!Almost complete!Ta da! Even siren sounds from the boy - Ha! :)Time to stand in line for the water hose!Oooo! Looks like a lot of fun!And lastly, a tour of the truckYeah, that's a pretty cute little firefighter/builder there :DIt was fun! Thanks again to Gert (Eyan's Grammy) and Lowe's! You guys are the BEST!
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Anonymous said...

WOW, looks like lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hey...does that little fireman have his drivers liscense yet????
He could be stoped for not having one yet.O,the truck was not running.Ok Jared.Looks like you had a very fun day!!!

Grandpa Wes

Anonymous said...

i think i can see firefighter jared in the future

Tammy Jorgenson

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