Saturday, September 05, 2009

18 Months Old (or 1.5 Years Old)! Wow!!

Yes, the girlies are 18 months old! 6 months shy of turning 2. Wow! Where has the time gone? I remember them when they were just itty bitty babies (okay, Anna and Bethany were never "itty bitty" but hey, you get my point ;) ).

Look at them here. Just little things! Not even sitting up yet. Lots of baby chub still yet very little hair. Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle at 6 months old.
Now look at them, 1 year later, at 18 months old!! Brielle, Anna, Bethany and SuzanThey are constantly on the move. They can't even stand still for Mama to get one good group shot - Ha!Oh, and tears from them if you walk away or try to get them to do something. VERY independent and strong-willed already ;) Brielle, Bethany, Anna (walking behind Bethany) and SuzanBrielle (still crying because Dad walked away - yes, she LOVES her Daddy! ;) ), Bethany, Anna (showing us her tummy, for some strange reason :D ) and SuzanLike I said, always on the move!Okay, Mama will take this one out of all the pics ;) Suzan (still happy as a clam!), Bethany (putting up with Mama ;) ), Brielle (recovering from her crying) and Anna (now crying because she didn't want to stand for the picture - oh, and still playing with her shirt, for some strange reason ;) )Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle continue to be such huge joys in our lives! We feel SO blessed to have them all, safe, healthy and happy! Praise God for how he is taking care of, growing and developing them! They are growing up so fast and doing much. They continue to make us smile and laugh. They are such good girls. I can't give God enough praise for them and how he has protected them thus far!

Since last month...
  • Anna is now walking! She started walking about 10 to 14 days ago. Now, she can walk a good distance. Yay Anna! It's fun to see all 4 of them walk now.
  • Are doing great at stacking blocks.
  • Can mimic any sounds or words, play and action
  • Still climbing all over the place.
  • Love to take care of each other. If one sister is crying, the others will give the crying sister a toy or a pat on the tummy or back. How cute and sweet! They will even start to cry if they see Jared cry. Oh!
  • Have fun throwing, bouncing and kicking balls.
  • Continue to love on their silkies and babies. Yes, Brielle still loves her babies, to the point of crying up a storm if anyone takes baby from her ;)
  • Are getting better at using the spoon and fork when eating at the feeding table.
  • Starting to master the stairs.
  • Anna gives hugs now! :D
  • They totally comprehend what we are saying, e.g. "Suzan, stand up and walk!", "Anna, can you give Mama a hug?", "Bethany, give baby to Brielle," "No more food, Brielle?"
Again, they are so fun, so sweet, so humorous, so caring, so loving and such huge blessings to us! Thank you God for Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle!
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Anonymous said...

Your blog entries bring a smile to my face. :)

Hari said...

Your kids are sooo cute. Please post more photos in future


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