Saturday, September 12, 2009

18 month stats

I took the girlies to their 18-month well visit this past week. Again, our pediatrician said "they look wonderful! so big!!" Yay! Praise God! They are growing much! Anna and Bethany continue to be our "Big Girls." I can't believe they are a few inches shy of being 3ft tall?!?! Suzan is still our "skinny mini" (but weighs more than Brielle? Just longer, I think?) and Brielle is still our "peanut" :D

Suzan -
21lbs 4oz (9th %tile)
31.5" long (48th %tile)
18.75" head (88th %tile)

Anna -
26lbs 13oz (80th %tile)
33.5" long (91st %tile)
20.25" head (above 100th %tile)

Bethany -
26lbs 14oz (80th %tile)
33.5" long (91st %tile)
20.25" head (above 100th %tile)

Brielle -
20lbs (3rd %tile)
31.5" long (45th %tile)
18" head (27th %tile)

And because I just can't do a post without pictures, here are some pics of the girlies watching TV again. I forget who suggested this (Margo?) but I rented, via Netflix, a "Praise Baby" video for the girls to watch. Well, they watched it a bit more than our last time with Barney. Ha! ;)

Bethany, Anna (being a stinker trying to climb up on the fireplace hearth!) and Brielle watching "Praise Baby"Bethany watchingBrielle watching. She was dancing to the praise music too! Her dancing is too cute! :)Suzan watching. Okay, she's just walking around with silkies ;)Brielle, Anna and BethanyBethany and Anna. Bethany cracks me up here! She decided that Jared's Clifford was a good "chair." Silly girly! ;)Okay, Suzan paused long enough to watch now :)Bethany, Brielle and Anna
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The Stilwells said...

awesome...Susan love Wiggles for some reason...

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