Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's happening? Not much...

I see it's been a while since I/we last posted. What's happening with us? Not much. Well now, or should I say "not much?" Hm...

Since we last posted...
  • Jared and I went to another Lowe's Build and Grow clinic. It was so much fun! Jared got to build a power boat. Well, really it's a paddle boat but it really works! He and I also toured a real, live speed boat while at Lowe's. I guess they have guest "speakers," if you will, that come to the clinics and speak on the item to be built. For example, a nice couple towed in their speed boat to this power boat clinic for the kids to tour and ask questions on and at the previous helicopter building clinic a helicopter pilot came in to speak to the kids about helicopters and flying them. So it's neat that the kids get a little education on what they are going to build.
  • We went out on our VERY FIRST party as a family. Woo hoo! We took ALL 7 OF US to our friend's going away party. It was SO fun to see all of our friends from our former church community group again! We had a blast! Plus, our kids, the girlies especially!, did AWESOME! It took the girls some time adjusting to being in someone else's house and seeing a whole lot of unfamiliar faces. But, they got into a groove and were having fun playing with our friend's little boy's, Wyatt's, toys. Thanks to the Henrys for hosting! And good-bye to Mason! We will miss you!

  • Us with our friend, Mason. Paul, Jared, Brielle, Anna, Mason, Suzan, Maria and Bethany
  • Jared enjoyed 3 weeks of Kindergarten! He still enjoys recess and lunch time the most :D He does say he enjoys his class's "special days," such as P.E., library and music. He has learned SO much too. He has already learned over 20 phonograms and knows them perfectly! I sort of laugh when he and I do homework time after school (yes, there is homework in Kindergarten ;) ). His teacher wants us to go over the phonograms they are learning that day/week. Well, he is about done in 3 minutes reciting the 20+ phonograms. He knows them that well! So I had to improvise and stretch our homework time. So, we go first phonogram to the last, then backwards last to the first and then I lay them (they are phonogram flashcards) on the floor, facing down, and have him pick one and recite. Yeah, now we can bump up his practice time this way ;) Here is a cool website about phonograms. It even includes the pronunciations.
  • The girlies and I have been walking Jared to school in the morning. He loves it! They love it! I love it! Do we get a lot of stares walking to school? Oh yeah! Do we get a lot of pointing, whispering and "oh my!" comments? You betcha! It's funny because most of the comments come from the kids at school. The girls and I walk Jared to the playground entrance and then walk to the other side of the gated playground and watch Big Brother play until the school bell rings. We always, ALWAYS, have at least 5 to 8 Kindergartners hanging on the fence talking with us. Some kids say "are those your babies?" Or "are those all girls?" Or "how do you push that stroller?" (yeah, it's big kiddos ;) ) The best comment came from some little Kindergarten girls last week. They said "excuse me?" I said "yes?" They said "your babies are adorable." Awe! You big girls are too sweet! I replied with "oh! thank you!" It's also fun to see Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle watch all of the big Kindergartners play on the playground. Ahhhh, one day girls, that will be you (as CRAZY as that seems!).
  • We started taking the girls to church with us! Woo hoo! For the past few months, we've had someone stay at home with the girlies while Paul, Jared and I attended our church. We finally decided it was time to take the girls to church with us. I am so glad we did! The girls have done SO well in the church's nursery. I think the ladies in there enjoy the girls too :D Just today, one of the ladies said "it was so fun with them! they are so fun!!" I have to say, the girlies are fun :D It's nice that all 7 of us are able to attend church now!
  • Speaking of the girlies being so much fun, it's been cool to see them interact more and more with each other lately. Just tonight, I saw Suzan give Brielle a ball that was taken from Brielle and Anna gave Brielle a book when she saw Brielle crying too. Awe! They are starting to take care of each other! Wow! Also, they really know what I am saying. REALLY!! Again, just tonight, I was asking each of them if they wanted "more bread" or "more milk" or just "more please." Guess what? They all signed "more" and/or "milk" and/or "please." Wow again!! Then they just signed "more," "milk" and "please" as need be, without me prompting them. Wow! Suzan seems to be the one that consistently knows what I am saying or asking. I asked her to give Bethany the play hammer...and she did! I asked her to give me Anna's PJs...and she did!! I asked her to give me a diaper...and she did!!! She's as sharp as a tack, that Skinny Mini! :D Oh man, this is why they are so much fun!

Hm...okay, so maybe much has been happening with us these days ;)

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Anonymous said...

I am just curious, "nosey", but I was wondering since you also teach your children to sign, are any of them deaf? Jus being a nosey blog reader.

The Carlsons said...

Ha! I never thought folks would think that. Good question! No, none of the girls are deaf. We did some baby signs with our son when he was a baby. We saw how it helped him communicate with us so we thought we would try a bit of baby signs with the girlies. So far so good! It's been fun to see how they can communicate with us. The baby signs also help them in verbal language development. Some studies indicate that baby signs can even help children talk sooner than average.

Hope this answers your questions!

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog. You have such great joy, being a mom to your children. And your kids couldn't be any cuter!

Amy in NY

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!!
I was just so curious because I had never read that they were deaf so I thought hey, why not ask.
Reading your post, you are such an awesome mother!!!


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