Monday, August 31, 2009

A week spent with a special friend

Jared's Kindergarten classroom (actually, I think all 6 of the Kinder classes) have what is called "Star of the Week." What is it? Basically, the teacher chooses a student to be the special "star" for that week. The child gets to 1) complete an "all about me" poster to discuss with the other kids in the class, 2) be line leader for the week, 3) bring in a jar containing items (usually candies) for the class to guess the number and then share with everyone and 4) have a special friend, "Pup," for the week, write in the class's journal about the fun things the child and Pup did for the week and then read the journal to the class.

So, Jared was the first child from his class to enjoy "Star of the Week." Yay! He enjoyed his special week. Although, it was getting close to the end of the week in which he needed to write about his adventures with Pup. Well, he hadn't done anything real special with Pup to write about :( So, Paul and I devised a plan that one of us would take Jared and Pup out for ice cream. That should be a fun adventure to write about! Plus, you know Jared loves ice cream...well, anything sweet (yup, he takes after Mama in that area :D ).

He and I had a good evening, after dinner, with Pup at Baskin Robbins. YUM! Here are some pictures of our time out with Pup.

Jared and Pup enjoying their ice cream cones. YUM!What flavor is it Jared? Mint Chocolate Chip? Ooooo!Jared enjoying his special treatPup enjoying his special treat too! - "thanks Jared and Jared's Mama for the ice cream! It was too yummy!"Awe! How sweet!Mmmmm! Mmm!post signature

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