Friday, August 28, 2009

We survived our first outing, out by ourselves!

**Sorry no pictures of our outing. Hey! It was just enough to make sure I got things squared away for this morning! ;)

Yes, it took me almost 18 months to finally get out, BY MYSELF, with the girlies. Why? Well, in the beginning they were stuck in the NICU. Then, when they finally came home from the NICU they were so tiny and needed to be fed every 3 hrs. Plus, I was also pumping every 3 hours. Last summer was hot and we had 4 newborns to take care of so I didn't go anywhere with them alone. Last fall and winter we were in "RSV lockdown" and didn't go anywhere for 7 months. Then, they turned 1 year old and summer hit again! (actually still hot!) Now, I can finally get out with them, as they are bigger girlies and are a bit more independent. Plus no RSV/health issues to deal with.

So, yesterday morning we embarked on our first (first of many to come!) outing. YAY! I signed up for a chronological Bible study at our church. I am so excited for it! We will be studying the Bible in chronological order. Seeing the Bible organized by time, or chronologically, is new to me. It's a very cool way to study God's Word. This is the Bible we will be reading out of (in NIV) and the study guide for discussion questions, written by a woman at our church.

Okay, so back to getting out with the girlies ;) Here is how my morning went yesterday...
  • I got everyone dressed, fed and ready for going to church/school. It usually takes me about 30 to 35 minutes to feed the girls. Not too bad for 4x :D
  • I loaded everyone into the BHV (big huge van). Thank goodness Jared can climb in on his own and buckle himself into his seat! I timed myself and it took me 4 minutes to load the girlies into the van. Not too bad. I also pre-loaded the quad stroller in the back of the van the previous evening. No, we don't have a trailer hitch for the Run About stroller but the back of the van works fine. Just requires some upper arm strength and patience to lift the heavy thing up into the back!
  • The girlies and I dropped off Jared at school. I think he loves getting dropped off at school in the van. He kept waving "goodbye" to me and the girls. How cute! :D
  • The girlies and I arrived, in time, at church. I had to unload the stroller and then unload the girls into the stroller seats.
  • Then the fun begins! Lots, and I mean LOTS!, of stares, comments and whispers from the moms and kids. Ha! I guess they've never seen a huge 4-seater stroller before, let alone quads! ;)
  • The girlies did GREAT in their classroom! Anna cried a bit when I first checked them in (oh yeah, that takes some time too!) but she calmed down and all 4 of them had fun playing and learning about God. Yay! Praise God! I enjoyed my time with the Lord at my study! Yay again!
  • Study time is over! Time to check-out the girls (oh! more time clogging up the line! ;) ), load them back into the stroller, go out to the van, load them up in there, load the stroller into the back of the van and head for home.

Whew! Yeah, it was a bit of work but TOTALLY worth it! And it was a success too! My first time out with the girlies and no one (especially Mama - Ha! ;) ) didn't break down and cry. I guess this means I can go out anywhere with the girls by myself now, huh? Target? Costco? To friends' homes? To play groups? To the mall? To the zoo? You name it! ;) Some very fun times ahead for us! Yay!
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Jen said...

Congratulations on your new found independence!!!!

Side by Side said...

I so remember the day when I went out with my two.
Your Bible study sounds awesome too.

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