Saturday, August 01, 2009

A "Thumbs Up!" First Week of Kindergarten

Yesterday afternoon, when I picked up Jared from school, I asked him "so, what did you think of your first week of Kindergarten?" He said "thumbs up!" Well, he more gave me thumbs up than said it ;) He did say "good!"I do have to agree. He did have a great, "thumbs up!" first week of Kindergarten. I was so proud of him and how well he did, as it was a new school, new teacher and new kids. He had fun the first day and was so excited that evening for the next day! And it continued on and on and on. Yay! He enjoyed telling us each day (and frankly I enjoyed asking him questions and talking to him each day about his day :D ) about what he did and learned. What's his favorite part about school? Can you guess? 'Cmon, it's every kids' favorite ;) Recess! That and lunch. He enjoyed eating lunch in the lunchroom. He even enjoyed breakfast with Dad one morning at school, which he has been asking to do again ;) Oh, he also has a few friends from last year's pre-k class attending his school. It was nice for him to see a few familiar faces. He has designated days for music, P.E., computer lab and library time. He brought home several fun drawings and projects each day. No homework yet, but that is coming up. Our school sends homework home with kids M-Th, due back the next day. No homework on Fridays, as they want the weekends to be left to the families. I like that policy!

Some silly pictures of our silly boy :DWhat a fun first week for our boy!
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Following HIM said...

YAHOO for the first week going SO WELL!

Anonymous said...

Good job Jared.I see you like the 2"BEST" things in school also.If when I went to school I wish they had the 2 recess' and lunch together than I would have been done for the day!!

Grandpa Wes

Anne said...

Way to go Jared! Glad first week of Kindergarten went so well! Praying for many more good weeks ahead!

Dan and Margo said...

What a handsome boy! So glad to hear the first week went well!

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