Saturday, August 22, 2009

This one's for you, Grandpa Carlson!

**Updated with a few more pictures from today. Check them out below!
Yes, this post is for Grandpa Carlson. Why? Because Jared built something today at Lowe's that is very near and dear to Grandpa's heart. A SCHOOL BUS! What do you think, Grandpa? Does it look like the one you drive? Okay, maybe a bit smaller but hey, it drives :D I think the driver resemblance is uncanny too ;) I'm sure Grandpa is always this smiley for his kidsJared wanted me to take pictures of each side of the bus - Ha! The driver's side...Whoops! Someone fell asleep on the bus!The passengers' side...And the front, again...Paul said they bused in (ha! get it? bused in? okay, another bad pun from yours truly ;) ) three buses from Jared's school district for the project clinic...1 full-size, 1 mid-size and then 1 remote controlled. Remote controlled? What?? Grandpa, don't you wish you could remotely control your bus? Hee hee :D Actually, it was Buster the School Bus. We've never heard of Buster before! Grandpa, maybe you could get a Buster for your district and route! I bet the kids would love it! Jared had fun checking out all 3 of the buses. Paul was pretty impressed that the local school district spent their $$ to bring these 3 buses to the Lowe's clinic.

Paul and Jared building the school bus. They have these cute litte hammers for the kids to use (see in Paul's big hand). Ha! They are too cute!Everyone at the clinic. There is always about 25+ kids at these clinics. WOW!Jared (off to the right) and some of the other kids with Buster the School Bus and Miss Gert, who leads the clinics. Thanks again Gert!Jared also received a little packet of school bus coloring pages and helpful tips. Here are some of the tips I thought I'd share (in case some of you forgot what are the school bus rules and etiquette :) ).
  1. Can you see the bus driver? Can the bus driver see you?
  2. Stay in your seat (yeah, I bet this is a constant battle for the bus drivers!).
  3. Talk quietly.
  4. Never throw things in the bus or out the windows.
  5. Keep head, arms, and feet inside the windows (reminds me of the ride rules at Disneyland :D )
Grandpa, we thought of you today with this Lowe's project! Happy driving Grandpa!
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Anonymous said...

Hey...those look like my bus rules!!Only thing is if they do NOT obey,than Mr.Bus Driver gets mean.As one shirt I see said"Be good to the bus driver because it is a loooonnnngggg walk home!!!Good job Jared.I heard Friday my new bus will come the very last of September,just in time for the SNOW STORMS!!!

Gramdpa Wes on the computer..

Lani said...

What a cute little project:)

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