Saturday, August 29, 2009

Special Visitors Today!

Today we were greeted by some special visitors...Paul's cousins and aunt! Aunt Lylia flew down from the "frozen tundra" ;) to visit with and help Jayson and Lisa. Before her flight back she wanted to stop by our homestead for a visit. So we got to see the three of them, Jayson, Lisa and Lylia! We put them straight to work - Ha! ;)

Jayson and his mom had fun feeding the girlies lunch. Jayson and Lylia, you two did a great job!Jayson being silly with Anna ;) He fed Anna and Brielle while Lylia fed Suzan and Bethany.Son and MomThanks again for the visit guys! Oh, by the way, Lylia I didn't mention this to you but I like your hair! Very nice coloring!!
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