Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Maria's Latest Gadget

Okay, so I know everyone probably already owns an Apple product, whether it be a Mac (ahem, sorry I'm a PC person through-and-through on that one ;) ), an iPhone (yeah, I just have a simple LG) or an iPod (again, I just listen to music online or over, gasp!, radio waves ;) ). I never saw the need to purchase and own an Apple product. Nothing against them, again I just never saw the need. Until today!

Oh yeah, I now own an Apple product! An iPod, as a matter of fact ;) Here is how this all played out. My deal-seeking, freebie-watching husband saw a promo on Angie's List where if we submitted 8 legit and honest reviews we could win a free, FREE!, iPod Shuffle. So he told me about this promo and I pondered about it..."is it worth my time to do this? what am i going to do with this little iPod thingy anyways?" I thought "oh, go ahead maria. just take the time and try it. the worst from it would be my loss of time." So that's what I did. Well, just this afternoon I was greeted by a little box from our mail carrier. In it contained my green apple colored (Ha! get it? apple? ;) ) Shuffle. Ooooo! Needless to say, I opened it right away, plugged it into my computer, registered an account at iTunes and subscribed to our church's podcasts and imported music from a few CDs of ours. VoilĂ ! I have the tiniest portable media player. I think it will be great if/when I go to the gym or go on neighborhood walks with the girlies. Or just to listen to around the house.I am still learning about Apple and iTunes and all of that. I'm still looking for some more sermon podcasts (any suggestions folks?) to subscribe too and maybe see if there are free music iTunes downloads out there (is that even possible?). Yeah, it's a pretty sweet little freebie gadget of mine :D
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Kristen said...

Congrats! I listen to Focus on the Family podcasts for free on mine...I love James Dobson!

Anonymous said...

You will love your IPOD Shuffle. My 73 year old mother was using up lots of batteries for her CD player when she went on walks that we got her the shuffle and she loves it. She uses it everyday for at least an hour or more and says that she does not have to charge it for at least 10 days or more. She loves it because it is simple to use since she is not into electronic gadgets.

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