Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Love You! You Love Me! We're a Happy Family!

Oh yes! You know what time it is! Barney Time! Ha! :D The last time I watched Barney, on PBS, was when Jared was about 2. Thinking back to those times, I enjoyed it. Enjoyed Barney? Well, not Barney, per se, but the times I had sitting with Jared on our sofa watching and talking about Barney with him. So, I thought to myself today "hm, I wonder if the girlies would be interested in watching Barney with me?" And that's what we did. Or should I say, attempted. The girlies weren't very interested in watching TV. GASP! Kids not interested in TV? You've got to be joking?! Okay, maybe they watched a little but they were more interested in running around the house, being outside the confines of the corralled-off play room. So we tried to watch a little bit of Barney and then some Bob the Builder. I thought, for sure, that they would watch the TV, as they don't watch any. GASP again! No TV at almost 18 months old?!?! They see bits of TV when Big Brother watches it but that's about it. No designated TV time for themselves. I just never got around to it ;) Alas, they didn't want to sit quietly on the sofa with me; sitting or snuggling next to Mama. Oh well. I am sure they will "like" TV in the very near future :D Maybe some Veggie Tales or Leap Frog Learning videos or just any TV/video with music (they like to "dance to the music!").

Suzan, Brielle, Anna and Bethany sitting on the sofa watching Barney for a millisecond - Ha!
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Jace and Maya never got into Barney (Bob the builder was HUGE though- especially with Maya) but our babies love the big purple guy (Jace and Maya watch it too sometimes now- it's funny) We don't watch it alot, but when we put it on....they love it.

The Stilwells said...

Susan isn't into TV either!!! Nathan loves TV...at this age Nathan could be contained in his exersaucer watching baby Einstein or something similar so mama here could take a quick shower :)

jag said...

Look at how sweet they are! Love it!

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