Tuesday, August 04, 2009

17 Months Old Today

Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle walking Jared to school this morningToday, the girls turned 17 months old. They are doing great and they and Jared are such joys!

The girlies are doing much these days...
  • 3 out of 4 of them are proficient at walking now. Yay! Anna isn't walking just yet but is getting close. She loves to cruise around and is very proud to stand up on her own.
  • Even though Anna isn't walking, she and Bethany have mastered the talent of climbing (go fig! ;) ). They like to climb up on the slide and swing in the playroom, up on the chairs we have at the feeding table and, yes, dare I mention this?!, climb from said chairs to the top of the feeding table. ACK! Once on the table they like to STAND on it. What are you girlies doing?!?!? We're always there, immediately, to bring them down!
  • They all like to wave "bye bye" and put their hand to the side of their head for "night night." They also know the signs for "more," "please" and "milk."
  • Brielle likes her babies and even says "be-bee." Ask her where her baby is and she will seek it out and proudly say "be-bee!" She likes to feed her baby and give it kisses too. Oh, but don't take baby away from her or else she screams holy terror! ;)
  • Suzan says "baby" and "uh-oh."
  • Bethany and Anna can say "mama."
  • They are saying animals sounds now, e.g. moo, nay, meow. It's funny because if I say "what's the doggie say? ruff, ruff!" or "what's the cow say? moo!" they mimic me and 1 or 2 of them will run off to find the book with the dog or the Little People's farm cow. How smart!
  • They like to explore outside of the playroom, which is understandable.
  • They love going outside, even if it is 105+ degrees.
  • They love any kind of treats, e.g. cookies, cake, ice cream. We don't have them a lot in our home but when we do, oh boy do the girlies enjoy them!
  • They all have been drinking 100% from sippy cups for several months now. What's even better is they are now drinking them at the feeding table, versus in the Boppies in their rooms. Hallelujah! The light at the end of the tunnel!! (if you are a quad mom, you know what I am talking about ;) ) Now, we are just beginning to work with them on using utensils at the table. Can you say "mess!"?
  • They enjoy our table food! Hallelujah on this too!
  • They REALLY (especially Suzan and Anna) love splashing in water, whether it be in the kiddie pool with Big Brother or at group bath time.
Man, I still can't believe how much the girlies have grown, developed and changed, especially since last year when they were little 5 month old babies. We give all praise and glory to God, the One who gives us wisdom in training and teaching our daughters and who created and is molding, shaping and growing them!!
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Candy said...

That is quite a bike.

Pam said...

happy 17 months to your sweet girls! :)

Kimberly & Alex said...

oooh, i loved this post with the summary of all they're doing these days. how precious!

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