Wednesday, August 26, 2009

100% Quality Work!

Jared came home from school today with "amazing news!" His words ;) He had this to show us.This is his first test from school. A 100%! Wow! Not too shabby for his first test, a practice test at that. He was quite proud of it!He told us "it's 100% quality work!" Ha! I don't know where that phrase came from, probably his teacher. It just sounds too cute coming from our little Kindergartner :D

This is the Kinders first "practice test." It was graded but not recorded. It is a math test, from their Saxon Math studies. Some of the assessments were:
  • Counting how many objects there were.
  • Comparing number values, e.g. greater than, less than.
  • Following directional commands, e.g. on the right, on the left.
  • Knowing how to write your numbers, 1-13.
He is doing great at school, in his math and his phonograms. He knows the first 30 phonograms down pat! Way to go Jared!
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Anonymous said...

Great job Jared....Keep up the great Work.

Grandpa Wes

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