Friday, July 24, 2009

Yummy Birthday Cake!

Tonight, Paul, the kids and I enjoyed some yummy birthday cake and ice cream. YUM! Not to make a public scene here or anything but it was some big guy's birthday in our home this week (ahem! Mr. Paul Carlson!). Happy birthday to you sweetheart!

Paul with his FIVE kids, Bethany, Anna, Jared, Brielle and SuzanA birthday card for Paul, made by MariaI thought it would be fun for the girls to join us for singing "happy birthday," watching the boys blow out candles and eating cake and ice cream with us. They were a bit intrigued by the singing and candles but really piped up when the cake and ice cream came out. Oh man! I don't think Paul and I could keep up with feeding the girls cake and ice cream. Lots of grunts and whining..."mom! dad! you are WAY too slow with the yummies! put the pedal to the metal and LET US EAT THAT CAKE!" Ha! It was too cute. Then, the sugar high craziness started with lots of baby girl squealing, blowing raspberries and wiggling in their seats. Too funny!

We also had a special dinner this evening. Sometimes we'll have breakfast for dinner, e.g. pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. It's fun, yummy and something different for us. Well, tonight I tried a new recipe. A friend brought her version of this recipe to my Bible study this week. It was yummy so I wanted to search online for it and try it. It is French Toast Casserole, found at Recipe Zaar. It turned out great! Not too fussy and very good. We had it with maple syrup and then scrambled eggs and bacon as sides. Uff! A BIG breakfast dinner ;) Something special for that special occasion :D Try it!
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Side by Side said...

How funny...I have been wanting to make a French Toast Casserole too...and had just looked up recipies this week. lol
from DSMOM

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

The girls look so grown up sitting at a big girl table! So cute!

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