Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tile Project

Well, I attended another Girlfriends Divine Creations event this past week. My first time attending an event went so well I thought I would try it again. It was fun! It was a tile project. It was very easy to do. I just had to glue the tiles together, spray paint the fleur de lis black and glue it down and then peel and stick the sayings to the tile. Sweet! And only $20 again. Sweet again! :D Here it is, finished and sitting on an easel (I purchased at Michael's after the event for $10) on the perfect shelf in our stairwell area.

The sayings say "Remember Yesterday, Hope Tomorrow, Cherish Today and Love Forever"Close-up of the projectI think it's fun to get together with other women, make something cute and cool and sit back and enjoy some girl chat.
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