Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sliding and diving!

Okay, so I've mentioned that Jared and I have been busy swimming in our pool in the afternoons, to keep up with the lessons he had in June. We've also been able to go to our city pool a few mornings, where they have 8 competition swim lanes, 2 water slides, two 1 meter diving boards, a zero depth play pool, SCS interactive water feature, water vortex and current river. We'll meet Grammy there at open swim time and swim until lunch. He enjoys it and Grammy and I enjoy it. Plus it's cheap, $0.50 for kids and $1.50 for adults. Sweet! I can't wait to take the girlies there when they get bigger...MUCH bigger ;)

The little water play area for little ones. They usually have the water spouts and falls turned on. It's very nice for the little kiddos.Usually when we go, and in past summer swim seasons, Jared enjoys swimming and playing around their zero depth play pool area (see pic above). There's a little water slide, waterfalls and water features. Well, this is where things have gotten interesting and fun this season. The last time we went he said "i want to go on the big water slides." I said "what?!?! you want to do what?" They are big slides and I thought he wasn't ready for them. I was wrong. There is a height limit of 42", which he surpasses. They also signal to the lifeguards to catch littler kids at the bottom of the slide. He had a blast! I think he and I went down at least a half dozen times or so.

The water slides. Whoa!So, then this morning we met Grammy at the city pool again and she and I both figured he be all over the big water slides again. Yes but, again here is the interesting and fun part, he also said the following..."mama, i want to go off the diving boards." I about did a double take! I said "what?!?! you want to do what now?" He said "i want to go off the diving boards." You've got to be kidding me kid! My mom and I both looked at each other in disbelief! Ha! So after talking with him about how to go off the boards and then swim to the side and steps HE DID IT! And not once but again about a half dozen times. Go Jared, Go!

The 1 meter diving boards. No, Jared is not in these pics. The diving area is very deep too, maybe 20ft+ deep?An aerial picture of the pool. It's fun!Now, Grammy and I don't know what is left for this adventuresome fish child of mine to do at the city pool. Swim laps? Join the swim team at 5.5 years old? Ha! Hopefully we can go a few more times before school starts. How many days left until that? ACK!
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Ashley said...

I live in Scottsdale and would love to take my kids to that community pool will you please tell me where it is located? I love your blog and your children are ADORABLE!!

The Carlsons said...

Ashley, here is where we go. It might be a drive for you from Scottsdale but it is a fun pool. Have fun!

Carie said...

They are GORGEOUS! But I don't know how you do it with so many at one time!

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