Monday, July 06, 2009

Random Sunday Pictures

Here are some random pictures I took of the girls yesterday, Sunday. Enjoy!

A close up of BethanyBethany eating a little people. Ack! ;)Anna reading one of the many books we have. See! I told you she is a book worm! - "this is a very good book! except why can't i eat that cookie? it looks SO yummy! oh, my tummy is grumbling now!Sweetness!Bethany reading - "yeah, this is okay anna. i'd rather be climbing though!"Bethany and Anna reading togetherBethany being coyCutie Patootie!Suzan's now into the books!Okay, so maybe she's not "reading" Just interested in the toys ;)Suzan - "ooo! i found brother's clifford! yay!!"Brielle being smiley, as always :D
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Anne said...

Cute definitely sums up the girls! They are so beautiful! How is Jared? Hard to believe he will be in Kindergerten here too soon...

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