Thursday, July 02, 2009

Our Big Fish

DISCLAIMER! There are a LOT of pictures in this post. Sorry, just took too many (like over 100!) of Jared swimming the other day ;)

As I mentioned previously, Jared took some swim lessons earlier in June. They were through our city's parks and recreation program. I've had him take classes through them before when he was 3 and once with me at a mommy-and-me swim class. Unfortunately we didn't make it to swim lessons last summer. Something about being home with 4 3-month-old babies or something like that ;)

I really like the city's swim lessons because 1) they are really inexpensive (woo hoo for that!), 2) they make it age appropriate and fun for the kids, 3) a class usually lasts 2 weeks, which I think is the perfect length and 4) they are so close to us, like within a 5 minute drive at max. So, he took 2 weeks worth of classes and then they ended. Well, to keep up with what he learned he and I have been swimming in our backyard pool EVERY AFTERNOON (the perfect time since the girlies nap) since then. He is doing so well! He's turned from our little fish to our big fish ;) He loves to swim, is open to my "teaching" and enjoys showing me (and anyone else! ;) ) what he can do. Way to go Jared!

Here are a few (Ha!) pictures from our "swim lessons with Mama" the other day. Enjoy!

Jared jumping in to the pool and swimming to the steps. He loves doing this and will do it a dozen times or so.
Even taking a breath!Whew! Made it!A random picture of Jared. Him with one of his many diving rings.Jared diving in for the green diving ringHe got it!More random pictures of Jared. I liked how I captured him mid-air ;)Jared the fish!This is a series of shots of him bobbing, 2x (if you notice his "2" fingers - Ha!)Jared floating, BY HIMSELF!, on his back. We sing the ABC Song while he floats. It's just the right length of time for him to float and it takes his mind off of floating. Jared kicking. I think he was singing "motor boat, motor boat" here. It's a song they sing at the swim classes to get them to learn to kick in the water.And then some more random swim pictures of JaredTaking a breath while swimming. Very cool Jared!Our Big Fish :)Whew! That was a lot of swim pictures! ;) Now, in about 2 years, we might get the girlies signed up for swim lessons. Can you imagine that class?!?! ;)
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Anonymous said...

Why do you have to wait 2 years???I think right now would be fine,Jared as teacher.

Way to go Big Fish!!!!


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