Thursday, July 09, 2009

My camera and gear

Many of you (thanks KD, Grammy, Wes and others!) have made some sweet comments about the pictures I take of the kids and our family, saying "how sharp and beautiful they are!" You are way too kind! I still think there is A LOT more for me to know in getting better with my photography skills. I've acquired and read some photography books and read some photography blogs and websites online. I know it's just a matter of practice and "putting in the hours" just shooting, shooting, shooting. That's where you might see me take random shots here and there, just to get lots of hands-on experience. I am always up for suggestions on how I could improve.

Yes, I would love to share what kind of camera I have and the gear that goes along with it. First, years ago, I started out shooting with a Canon PowerShot G2. I went with Canon as Paul, who used to take photos with his SLR Canon film camera, said "canon is the best." So I went with that ;) I know some folks like Nikon and some like Canon. I do like Canon and their products. Just my choice and opinion. Well, I began to notice how slow and blurry the G2 was in taking pictures, especially trying to take pictures of an active baby/toddler boy (aka Jared) ;) So we began to research the Digital SLR cameras. We eventually decided on, and forked out the money for, a Canon EOS 20D. I LOVE it! It took me a while to get used to it, especially it being so big and heavy, but it's great. Very fast.

My 20D

When you purchase a digital SLR you can get the stock lens or body only. I opted for just the body and then purchased a lens separately for it. I got the Canon 24-70mm zoom lens.

My 24-70mm lensIt's a bit beefy, let me tell you! It is great for getting those wide shots, though. This is what I shot with for a LONG time until...

My 50mm lensI got this Canon 50mm fixed lens for Christmas last year. Sweet! We had some photographers take pictures of us and the kids last summer and they highly recommended I look into getting the 50mm 1.4 lens. They said it is great for getting those crisp portrait shots. I will say that it has taken me a while getting used to this new lens. It is fixed so no zoom. You have to do the "manual zoom" ;) is SO crisp. I love that!

Along with my camera and lenses I have a speedlite, a Canon 420EX.It's okay...much better than the poor built-in flash (that only gives enough flash for the first few feet in front of you) but still can't compare with the natural light from the sun. Gotta love that sun! :D

Also, we had a puny-sized compact flash card I used with the G2 so I got a 2GB card for my 20D.It's been good but now I am taking so many more photos that I need something a bit faster to download to my computer. So, just today, I received this in the mail.This CF card has much faster transfer rates than my old card (Ultra II compared to Extreme IV). Plus, it's 8GB versus 2GB. It's crazy how technology changes and now you can get something bigger or faster for the same or less than what you purchased years ago. Crazy!

Okay, so maybe that's a lot of details on my camera and gear ;) Sorry. Although, I thought I would share it in case some of you are really interested in getting better with your photography. Personally, I think it's worth it. Plus, I have a blast with it! :)

Oh, I should also mention that I use Adobe Photoshop to process my photos with. I love Photoshop! Much to learn there, too ;)
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tx folks said...

Thank you VERY much! Goodness! I was thinking you had some super powerful pocket camera. (Well, at least I was How do you manage to catch some of the shots you do? You must have your camera permanently attached!

I'm very inclined to agree w/you on the Canon end of things. Our daughter goes Canon all the way and I've been stuck in the land of Kodak. Long ago, I realized Canon is far superior!

Anyway...thanks much for sharing. You're doing a superb job chronicling your childrens' lives. Keep it up!

Dan and Margo said...

Great to see what you use. I have a Nikon D80 but have never used Canon so I can't say which I would like better! I think my next lens is going to be a 50mm fixed. Glad to hear that you like it! You do take great photos!

Misty said...

I have a canon & the same flash & 50mm 1.4. it does take FABULOUS pics. I'm still learning too. Need to get that photshop.

HeatherRyann said...

I just got a Canon Rebel something or other :) I don't know what the heck I'm doing. Can anyone recommend a website or book that helps newbies?

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