Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lowe's Build and Grow

**ANOTHER post for today? The third in a row? I KNOW! Well, don't expect this from me every day ;)

Thanks to Gert, friend and grandmother of a former school friend of Jared's, Eyan, she let us know about a very cool thing that happens on designated Saturdays at Lowe's. That's where Gert works. It is called "Build and Grow." Parents take their child/children to Lowe's and build a project. It usually takes 1 hour to complete and is free. The child gets a project kit, which includes all they need to build it, a work apron, safety goggles and, once the project is completed, a cool patch and certificate. How cool is all that?!?! So, when I saw Gert mention this I said to Paul "do you and Jared want to go and try this? you will be building a helicopter." So that's what they did this morning. They had much fun! So much fun that we signed him up for the next projects, building a powerboat and school bus.

Here are some pictures of the boy and his project.

Jared with his new Lowe's work apron. What a cute little builder :DThe certificate and patch he received after completing the projectThe helicopter. He made it an emergency rescue onePictures of the proud boy playing with his helicopterI encourage everyone to check out your local Lowe's for this program and take your child/children some Saturday morning for building fun. Oh, I should mention that they recommend ages 5+ and parental assistance is required. Paul said he almost lost some fingers holding the wood while Jared pounded in the nails. Ha! ;)
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Amber said...

He is the cutest little boy! I made your French Toast Casserole this morning and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Home Depot in my area (Minneapolis, MN) has a similar program the first Saturday of each month. You might want to check that out too! They make items that usually correspond with the a wheelbarrow planter for Mom on Mother's Day, a divided box (nail sorter) for Dad on Father's Day. It is fun!

Sally Q said...

I want to let you know you can go to and click on creative ideas on the left hand side and once you have done that, at the top of page you click on Build & Grow and you can register your kids online for the particular Saturday they have scheduled for the project. I know in the Clovis, CA area they have ran out SEVERAL times and I have always been able to get the particular project they are doing because I registered my child online. Just a heads up they will give you the projects if the child happens to be w/ mom or dad or gma or gpa...and if the child is sick they give you the kit to take home at least in my area they do....

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