Friday, July 03, 2009

Finally, some rain!

It has officially been monsoon season here in AZ since June 15. This is the second year that the NWS has used fixed beginning and end dates for our monsoon season. In years past, the first three consecutive days with average dew points of 55 degrees marked the beginning of the monsoon, usually in early July.

Anyways, so we've had some days of clouds and what looked like rain but nothing came of it...until this evening. Yay! Rain! Paul promised Jared that the two of them would go play out in the rain whenever, if ever, it came. Well, that's what they did! Oh, and Paul took the girls out to see the rain too ;)

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the rain. We're praying for more rain to come!

Bethany and Dad, outside playing in the downspouts.Bethany, Suzan and Brielle looking outside at Dad, Brother and Anna playing in the rain.Here's another one. I just like it because of Suzan. What a sneeky sneek trying to get a peek! ;)Now Suzan and Dad outside in the rainJared having fun in the flip flops and umbrella in hand. Ha! ;)Suzan having fun getting wet!Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle all looking outside at the rain - "bye bye rain! please come back again!"
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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing Paul in these pictures. I haven't seen him for a long time! We are having a nice cool drizzly morning here too. I enjoy rain.

Happy 4th!


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