Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bethany needs a carabiner

Apparently, Bethany has taken up the hobby of climbing and now needs a carabiner to reach some new heights...Bethany, our climbing stinkerpot ;) - "yes! i am VERY proud of myself for climbing up here! hee hee!"Yes, she climbed all the way into the chairs herself...and then stood up on them. Yikes! In addition to climbing she's decided she needs to walk too (Moni, she's getting there! Yay!). It's only 2 or 3 steps but hey, I think it counts :D I'll have to capture it on video sometime and post.
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Following Him said...

Climb, baby, climb...could not resist :) At least she is using those muscles!

Anonymous said...

Go Bethany Go.Now you can climb up to the cookie jar and get treats fot the other Girls.
Good job


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