Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's making me laugh these days...

From Jared - lately he's been talking about his "tree house." Basically, his tree house is his "when I grow up, am an adult and move out into my own place." What?? I forget where we came up with this but it just cracks me up. Some statements from him regarding his tree house are "well, when i build my tree house i'm not going to have those rules" and "i'm going to have a pool in my tree house" and my favorite "you and dad and the girlies can come over and stay in my tree house, if you want." HA! Yeah, just cracks me up (yet is a bit concerned why a 5-year-old is already talking about growing up and moving out into his "own" place. too many girlies in the house Jared ;) ).

From Suzan - she has picked up something I say and do with her. I will point my finger at her, usually when she is laying down and getting her diaper changed, and say "stay" to her. It's mostly when I need her to stay put while I go grab another wipe (and she does, BTW :) ). So now she has picked that up from me. It's very cute and funny...this little finger pops up, she points it at you and says "day!" with a big smile. Oh, too funny!

From Anna - now that she is pulling up all over the place she has also mastered climbing up our little slide in the play room. She has NO fear. Many times lately she has climbed up the steps and just headed straight down the slide, head first. Oh, and she does this even when someone is already at the top of the slide. She just slides her way through. She is a HOOT!

From Bethany - we have a dresser that is right next to her crib. Lately, again don't ask me how she figured this out or why ;) , she is opening the drawers from WITHIN her crib. She is slipping her hand and arm through the crib slats and inching the drawer open with her fingers. It's funny because you will go in Anna and Bethany's room, find the dresser drawers open and Bethany's clothes all pulled out and in her crib. It's like she's saying "oh, i think i want to change into this outfit now mama!" Girly, oh girly! You are too much!

From Brielle - she has always loved hearing music. Now, she likes to dance to it, mostly while she is standing up. She has a very cute little dance move. The move is like a "bend your knees and bounce up and down" but there have been times that she lifts a leg to the side and adds a "wag your foot back and forth" to the dance. It's hilarious, I tell ya!

Yeah, our kids just make me laugh these days. There's definitely lots more funny things that they are doing...funny wrinkle-nosed faces from Suzan, Bethany playing "chase me mama!" into mom and dad's room, Anna giving us goo-goo eyes, Brielle bonking heads with us, Jared being our problem solver (and I mean solving ANY problem possible!). Oh, how I do love them SO much :D
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Anne said...

Such precious memories being made. Hmm, Jared trust me, stay with mama and dad a bit longer :). WAY too cute!

Stephanie said...

It's fun to hear about their personalities developing. And they're just born that way! It's amazing that you keep up with them all and are still happy!

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