Monday, June 15, 2009

Redecorating the pink nursery

So, if you will recall, I mentioned that these days Bethany has learned to open up the dresser drawers, from within her crib mind you ;) , and pull out clothes. Well, now Anna has learned how to do it and the both of them are redecorating the pink nursery (their room). Ha! Every time I walk in to their room I find PJs, outfits and burp cloths in their cribs and all over the floor. Oh, and then once they are out of their cribs and on the floor they crawl over to the other dresser in the room (we have two in there) and pull out any clothes in there, e.g. the sets of 4 matching outfits we have for the girls. Left to their own devices, Bethany and Anna can clean out the dressers in no time...and open the closet doors, and pull out the dirty clothes hamper in the closet, and pull off every book on the bookshelf, and... Paul went in to their room this past Saturday and saw, first hand, what these two little girlies can do while playing "on their own." He later mentioned this to me and said "um, you need to rearrange their room and put some stuff up higher because those two are in to EVERYTHING." I replied with "yup. been there, seen it" ;)

This is a picture of the crib layout in the pink nursery. This was in the process of being decorated while I was pregnant with the girls. The dresser that is involved in the criminal acts of Anna and Bethany is smack dab in the opening/middle of the cribs. The other dresser is against another wall. You can picture them standing up in the cribs, with their cherub faces smiling and yet their little hands and arms reaching through the slats and pulling open the dresser drawers. Ha! :DSo, we might have to take on a "reorganizing" project for their room. However, I'm not too sure how I can deter them from opening up the dresser drawers when playing on the floor. I think that is inevitable :P
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Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with my daughter!!!! I removed the drawer knobs and problem was solved. She is now 5 and I recently put them back on, now she is big enough to know better :) I follow you all the time and your girlies are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with removing the drawer knobs because before long they will learn that it can close also and fingers will be caught.
I as well follow your blog, I think it's amazing what you are doing. Many blessings to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

These are little GIRLS, acting extremely normal. Think of the clothing escapades coming up, picking out clothes is imprinted on their brains. Wait until they all demand they chose what they want to wear too!! All that independent behaviors, humm the father's side? The chocolate desire, that's right up there next to breathing as a necessity in life. All my love Grandma Carlson

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