Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quesadilla time!

I used to be a bit creative with meals for the girls. I would compose a meal schedule, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for a few days and post it in our kitchen. That way I, and anyone else helping, knew what to expect to feed the girls. It also saved time and was a better way for me to organize meals. However, lately I've been in a funk and am a bit stagnant in my meal creativity :P

Even with my lack of creativity, the girls still enjoy the meals I prepare for them, especially quesadillas! And what's wrong with having quesadillas for lunch EVERY DAY anyways? ;) You've got your carb, the tortilla, and then the protein and fat, the yummy melted cheese. YUM! Well, along with quesadillas they also have beans (black, pinto, kidney, etc.) and some fruit (applesauce, strawberries, etc.).

Brielle - "yes mama, i DO like your food. i just take my time eating it. okay?"Anna - "it's very cheesy mama. just the way i like it!"Bethany - "mama, you know me, i will eat ALL of your foods! just keep 'em coming!!"Suzan - "i eat, then play, then make funny faces, then eat some more, then more play, then more funny faces. mama, you know me, i am funny like that. HA! ;)"
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Anonymous said...

what cutie pies!!


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