Thursday, June 18, 2009

A pink and green day

So, as most of you know, we've been color-coding the girls since birth. Suzan wears yellow, Anna pink, Bethany green and Brielle purple. Well, those days are coming to an end. I will say that it's been a bit difficult for me to just "turn off" the color coding. You know, "old dog, new tricks?" ;) Since the girls turned a year or so old I've been trying to have them wear different colors. Remember my ol' switcher roo on you a few weeks ago? So something like that. Well, today was one of those days but it was an all pink and green day. Okay, NO Jared was not wearing pink or green; just the girlies :P I still try to have Anna wear pink and Bethany green as most friends and family still can't tell them apart (yes, I'm talking about you! I see you looking the other way ;) ). I thought I'd take some pics of the girlies (and Jared with his sisters!) outside today. It was bright out! You know we get something like 300 days of sun here in AZ :D

Here they are, all in pink and green. Bethany, Anna, Suzan and Brielle. Thanks again to Misty U for the girly outfits she passes on to us! She, too, is a GGGG mom :) I was trying to get them to smile. 3 out of 4 ain't bad ;) FYI, I like my lighting here. I think the sun was behind a cloud.Here they are all smiling! Yay!This one I like because of Suzan's cheesy smile. What a goofball ;) Oh, and Brielle is being funny with the grass - "mama, this green carpet feels funny on my toes! make it stop!!"This is funny because of Bethany. I have no clue what she was doing or thinking - "back away Anna! Get in the back row. You are blocking me in the picture. Get back!" And now Brielle has a cheesy smile :PAnd lastly, one with Big Brother. He LOVES being with his sisters.So, I'm working revealing who the beginner walker is. It looks like everyone is guessing all over the place. 1 vote for Bethany from Moni, 2 for Brielle from the grandparents and 3 for Anna from other readers. None for Suzan? Wow, I am surprised as she is in the lead in the poll. Look back for a follow-up post on the revelation...and it might just include some video of the walking too! Oooo, that might be a treat ;)
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Charity Donovan said...

CUTE pics!!! How in the WORLD did you keep them in one place long enough to get so many great shots?!?!?!

Dan and Margo said...

I'll vote for Suzan :) They are so sweet!

Misty said...

LOVE the shots! And yes, it was great lighting. Woohoo for you! ANd to get them to sit that long... I"M IN AWE!
ANd you are more than welcome on the clothes. HUGE box on its way as I'm typing now. Let me know when you get it so I know it made it there. Some will be great for now, some for the fall.
Love ya!

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