Monday, June 22, 2009

Mall trip! (out again?!)

This past Saturday we decided to take the 5 kids out again. Wow, are we on a roll or what? ;) We took them to our local mall where there is a fun play area for kiddos, one for bigger kids and one for crawlers/babies. The girls and Jared had fun! Well, except for Brielle who cried once we sat her in the crawling area. I had to sit with her for a while until she got used to the idea of playing in there. Ha! What a silly girly! Here are some pics of the girls playing. Sorry, Jared, I forgot to take some pictures of you playing :( I lost my mind :P

Bethany playing
"yeah, this is FUN mama!"Anna"i like this mama! good idea!"Brielle"okay, i guess i have warmed up to this place. it's all good mama."Suzan" that a piece of lint i see over there?"More play pictures of AnnaSilly Bethany!Suzan and Bethany, checking out the play area for the bigger kids - "awe mama! we want to go over there now!"Suzan and her silly smirk ;) - "woo hoo! i'm on my way to the moon in this shuttle!!"Anna, Brielle and Suzan playingBethany and Suzan playing with this maze toy on the wall. They met a little friend too!Anna riding the space shuttle"wheeeeeeeee!"Bethany riding the shuttle now (yeah, I think she pulled Anna out of it - Ha!)All done!And Suzan, standing, and Brielle eyeing the bigger play area. Hm....I will say that I think the girls lasted about 20 mintues in the crawling area. Then they were determined to crawl out into the bigger kid play area. Not the 1 hour of playtime I expected for them. Oh well. That's when we decided to load them back into the strollers and casually stroll around the mall. They enjoyed that too.

The mall is a great air conditioned place for us/me to take the girls to play at in the summertime. Oh yeah! ;)
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