Saturday, June 27, 2009

Its Summertime Summertime Sum Sum Summertime

We are doing well here, enjoying our summer. We had some WONDERFUL cooler weather here a few weeks ago. In the 90s, if you can believe that ;) We took advantage of it by getting out for some walks with the 5 kids around our neighborhood. Although now, it's getting back to an "average" AZ summer day...100+ degrees :P

Jared had fun taking some swim classes earlier in the month. Now that they are over he and I spend our afternoons, while the girls nap, in our pool keeping up with what he learned. He is doing a great job, diving, swimming across the length of the pool, doing front and back glides, jumping in to the pool and swimming to the side. Good job Mr. P!

The girlies are doing well too. In fact, we just took them and Big Brother to the mall play area again this morning. They had a blast. Brielle still cried when we sat them all in there but she quickly got used to it and took off playing. She did stay close to Dad, though ;) I think we might make the mall play area a regular Saturday morning outing. Thanks to Mystique H for the idea! :)

We have 1 month until our little boy goes to Kindergarten! ACK!! I still can't believe it. He and I made a paper chain, like the ones you've probably seen or made for Christmas, counting down the days until his first day of K. We made it when there were 52 days on it. Now, only 30! He is excited for his new class, new friends, new teacher and new school. It will be fun for him, I know it. It will be weird and different for the Mama not having him at home :( BUT...I do have 4 little ladies that will definitely keep me and my mind busy.

We're also planning to take a family trip, ALL 7 OF US!, soon. Wow! I've been busy racking my brain organizing all of the stuff we will need to pack. We are so used to our "quad-friendly" home here that it is going to take some time for me to think of all of the stuff we will need for the girls. We're hoping it will be a fun and somewhat-relaxing getaway for us all. We'll see ;)

I thought I would post some things I've noticed about the kids these days. All 5 of them are so fun and doing/learning much! I love how God made each of them in his own, unique way!

  • Jared - lately, it's been fun seeing and hearing him solve problems. He likes to tell us how things or problems can be solved. For example, we were looking at a friend's trip pictures to Africa. He was asking me all sorts of questions about the people, why they didn't have shoes, what do they eat, why it is so dusty there, why they live in small grass houses, why our friends went there. I told him that they don't have much there and that God commanded us to take care of each other. He said "i know! we can send them our money" or "i know! we can go and bring them food and toys. they would like that." What a true, sweet and generous heart! And what a problem solver, looking for ways for things to work out. Nothing seems impossible for Jared ;)

  • Suzan - she loves being chased these days. I got her giggling and trying to run away by playing "i'm gonna getcha!" on top of the slide the other day. She LOVED it!

  • Anna - she is our book worm! You can usually find her flipping through or reading one of the many board books we have in the play room. And yes, she is really trying to look at the pictures or read the book. It's very cute.

  • Bethany - even though she was late pulling/standing up and cruising she has turned into the most active and adventurous girl these days. This morning, at the mall play area, she was climbing up everything...the little seated area, the play space shuttle, even trying to climb up the structures in the big kid play area. She climbed on top of our fireplace hearth the other day (don't worry. I am there to tell her "no touch" and pull her off of it.). On Friday, she put one leg over the side of the bathtub and was trying to climb out (again, I was there to help/catch her). She also can climb into the play swing on her own. Wow! Very active I tell you!

  • Brielle - she still loves to dance. Lately, she starts dancing on her own, with no encouragement from us. It's cute seeing her bounce up and down while standing.

Hope your summer is going well!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun on the family trip, where you going (North Dakota) HAHA


Anonymous said...

A trip sounds like fun for all. The kids will love the new areas, the new things to see and test out. Exploring is the best, kids love new adventures such as a walk where there are animals, birds, flowers, anything is good when it's an adventure. Bring a drink and snacks, a picnic is always fun. Food always tastes good, speaking of good how about some some-mores, even from a mirowave is fun. My kids always knew it was a good trip coming when I got some some stinky chips{Doritos etc.} and pop. Loce Grandma Carlson

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