Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girls on the school schedule

Well, we've add something new for us. We've changed our schedule around for the girls...and us. Jared will be starting Kindergarten in a little over a month (REALLY?! you've GOT to be joking!!) and will need to get to school by a specific time in the morning. So instead of making that schedule change on the first day of school, or perhaps the day before, we decided to start it now so that the girls (and us!) will be used to the new schedule by Jared's first day. Really, it's not THAT big of a change. Everything, other than dinner, has been moved up 1 hour. It goes like this...

6:00AM - P, M & J wake up
6:30AM - P, M & J eat breakfast
7:30AM - Girlies eat breakfast
8:00AM - Take J to school
9:00AM - Girlies nap
11:30AM - Girlies eat lunch
1:00PM - Girlies nap
3:00PM - Pick up J from school
4:30PM - Giriles eat dinner
5:30PM - P, M & J eat dinner **Hopefully, SOMEDAY!, all 7 of us can eat dinner (and breakfast and lunch) at the same time and together. Yay! for when that day comes.
6:30PM/7:00PM - Bedtime for kids
10:00PM - Bedtime for P & M

So far the girlies haven't given us much trouble with the new schedule. Although, Brielle did give us some fuss Monday and Tuesday and Anna gave us some fuss today. I think it was just their way of saying "mama! do we REALLY have to get up earlier? i like my beauty sleep!" ;) Me too girls, me too!! All in all they have been good to us. Praise God for them being kind and gentle to us!! ;)

That's what we've been doing this week. Hope your week is going well too!post signature

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