Saturday, June 06, 2009

Albertson's Trip (yes, we went out AGAIN!!)

Wow! Two Saturdays in a row! Last Saturday we ventured out, for the first time as a family of 7, to Costco. If you recall, that trip was "okay." So, last night I was thinking " might be fun to take everyone out to our local grocery store. there are a few things we need to pick up anyways and the girlies might like getting out." So that's what we did this morning! After we fed the girls breakfast we loaded up everyone into the BHV and headed to our local grocery store. I have to say that this trip went better. Maybe because 1) it was in the morning, 2) there were less, little or no people at the store, making it not as crowded, 3) our local grocery store is close by so it was a short commute and 4) food was involved. There's nothing like a chocolate chip cookie for a morning snack ;)

Here are pictures of our Albertson's trip! Suzan, Bethany, Brielle, Anna and Jared. Yeah, Jared still LOVES sitting in the carts. Boy!, I think you are getting a bit too big for it ;) The girls LOVED sitting in the cart and steering with the play steering wheels. But lets not talk about how dirty those carts are, okay? :DSuzan and Bethany - Bethany - "suzan, i'll be pilot and you be co-pilot, okay?"Brielle, Anna and Jared - Anna - " looks like there is some left over yummies in here (YUCK!)" Brielle - "beep, beep! watch out! 4 girlies and big brother coming through!!"Time for a cookie snack at the store's bakery. Bethany - "oh yeah! more cookie mama! i'll even eat suzan's if she doesn't want it!!" :)Brielle and Anna - "mmmm! mmmm! mmmm!" Brielle even signed "more" to Paul, wanting some more cookies - Ha!Brother ALWAYS loves getting the cookies in the store. You can't EVER go in to the grocery store with him w/o him asking "mama, can i have a cookie please?" Yup, that's our boy :DA disclaimer again :) ...
  • I did NOT go with the kids by myself. That would be crazy ;) Paul went with me.
  • We did VERY LITTLE grocery shopping. That was IT!
So, what are some other fun Saturday outings for us? Any suggestions?post signature


Mama Marilyn said...

oh my goodness, you are brave! sounds like it's getting easier, maybe...? ;o) the girls are getting more and more beautiful!

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Go anywhere for anything...Target, Walmart, ice cream, walk the mall! Just keep going and it will become easier and the girls will start learning all that is expected of them out and about. I was flying (by myself) with the twins when they were less than a year old with 2 toddlers in tow and granted you have 4 that don't walk, but I just did it!

Marilee said...

I'm so excited for you guys getting out. So fun! Really breaks up the day. I have to say, I probably wouldn't try any outings by myself that actually require getting out of the car. Too many babies! I did with twins and one toddler, but I can't imagine what you would do with four. That quad stroller is just too heavy.

What about the public library? They might have a baby book time you could attend.

Misty said...

I love it!!!!! It gets easier the more you do it. You got some great suggestions. I knwo with PHX & the summer months you will be looking for more indoor places with the heat, but just go for it!
ps. I am sooooo loving seeing all of the outfits on the girls. It so takes me back. Glad you are getting so much good use out of them.

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