Friday, June 05, 2009

15 months old

Our girls turned 15 months old yesterday. Man, have they changed in a year! Here they are a year ago, at 3 months old. Too funny!And here they are, with Big Brother, at 15 months old. Suzan, Bethany, Jared, Anna and Brielle. It looks like a police lineup - Ha! Okay, who pushed so-and-so down the slide?!?! Which one of you? The guilty one must be the one not looking at the camera ;)I only got two shots of them standing up. Then, it all went downhill after that, literally ;) ...babies got tired of standing and ended up plopping down on the floor. Hey, at least you can see every one's faces now :DThe girls are doing great! They've just been playing hard, eating lots, doing new things and growing like weeds, er, pretty daisies ;) They had their 15 month well visit this past week. The pediatrician said they look "beautiful." Praise God! Each girly got two immunization shots :( They are great troopers with those! Here are their 15 month stats:

Suzan -
20lbs (10th %tile)
30" long (40th %tile)
18.75" head (93rd %tile)

Anna -
24lbs 4oz (75th %tile)
30" long (50th %tile) ** I think this is incorrect. How can Anna be the same height as Suzan and shorter than Brielle? Hm...
20" head (above 100th %tile)

Bethany -
24lbs 12oz (80th %tile)
31.5" (80th %tile)
20" head (above 100th %tile)

Brielle -
20lbs (10th %tile)
30.5" long (55th %tile)
18" head (45th %tile)

As I said, it seems like they are doing/developing so much lately. They are...
  • all dancing. It's SO cute! :D
  • all are standing up, cruising and climbing. EVEN ANNA! She just pulled up to stand on Monday. The next day she was cruising. By yesterday she was climbing up the slide in the play room. She LOVES to climb up the slide and slide down on her tummy. She'll even push her way through and do it with one of her sisters sitting up on the top of the slide. Nothing is stopping her ;)
  • all are trying to stand up by themselves, in the middle of the room w/o holding on to anything.
  • all are babbling and singing.
  • all are signing and talking more..."mama," "milk," "more," "u-oh," "stay" (that's Suzan mimicking me, even with her pointing her finger at me ;) )
  • all are getting more independent and want to do things themselves.
It is so fun seeing them play together and with Jared! Sometimes, it gets a bit crazy when all four girls want to play with or do the same thing, e.g. go up the slide, swing in the swing, sit on Mama's lap. I'm just beginning to teach and train them to take turns and not push each other down. Might as well start now in teaching them manners and "playing nice" :D

I still can't believe that they are 15 months already. I look back at that 3 month picture and think they are still that little. Nope. They are getting to be big toddler girlies :)
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they are so precious :)

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