Saturday, June 27, 2009

Its Summertime Summertime Sum Sum Summertime

We are doing well here, enjoying our summer. We had some WONDERFUL cooler weather here a few weeks ago. In the 90s, if you can believe that ;) We took advantage of it by getting out for some walks with the 5 kids around our neighborhood. Although now, it's getting back to an "average" AZ summer day...100+ degrees :P

Jared had fun taking some swim classes earlier in the month. Now that they are over he and I spend our afternoons, while the girls nap, in our pool keeping up with what he learned. He is doing a great job, diving, swimming across the length of the pool, doing front and back glides, jumping in to the pool and swimming to the side. Good job Mr. P!

The girlies are doing well too. In fact, we just took them and Big Brother to the mall play area again this morning. They had a blast. Brielle still cried when we sat them all in there but she quickly got used to it and took off playing. She did stay close to Dad, though ;) I think we might make the mall play area a regular Saturday morning outing. Thanks to Mystique H for the idea! :)

We have 1 month until our little boy goes to Kindergarten! ACK!! I still can't believe it. He and I made a paper chain, like the ones you've probably seen or made for Christmas, counting down the days until his first day of K. We made it when there were 52 days on it. Now, only 30! He is excited for his new class, new friends, new teacher and new school. It will be fun for him, I know it. It will be weird and different for the Mama not having him at home :( BUT...I do have 4 little ladies that will definitely keep me and my mind busy.

We're also planning to take a family trip, ALL 7 OF US!, soon. Wow! I've been busy racking my brain organizing all of the stuff we will need to pack. We are so used to our "quad-friendly" home here that it is going to take some time for me to think of all of the stuff we will need for the girls. We're hoping it will be a fun and somewhat-relaxing getaway for us all. We'll see ;)

I thought I would post some things I've noticed about the kids these days. All 5 of them are so fun and doing/learning much! I love how God made each of them in his own, unique way!

  • Jared - lately, it's been fun seeing and hearing him solve problems. He likes to tell us how things or problems can be solved. For example, we were looking at a friend's trip pictures to Africa. He was asking me all sorts of questions about the people, why they didn't have shoes, what do they eat, why it is so dusty there, why they live in small grass houses, why our friends went there. I told him that they don't have much there and that God commanded us to take care of each other. He said "i know! we can send them our money" or "i know! we can go and bring them food and toys. they would like that." What a true, sweet and generous heart! And what a problem solver, looking for ways for things to work out. Nothing seems impossible for Jared ;)

  • Suzan - she loves being chased these days. I got her giggling and trying to run away by playing "i'm gonna getcha!" on top of the slide the other day. She LOVED it!

  • Anna - she is our book worm! You can usually find her flipping through or reading one of the many board books we have in the play room. And yes, she is really trying to look at the pictures or read the book. It's very cute.

  • Bethany - even though she was late pulling/standing up and cruising she has turned into the most active and adventurous girl these days. This morning, at the mall play area, she was climbing up everything...the little seated area, the play space shuttle, even trying to climb up the structures in the big kid play area. She climbed on top of our fireplace hearth the other day (don't worry. I am there to tell her "no touch" and pull her off of it.). On Friday, she put one leg over the side of the bathtub and was trying to climb out (again, I was there to help/catch her). She also can climb into the play swing on her own. Wow! Very active I tell you!

  • Brielle - she still loves to dance. Lately, she starts dancing on her own, with no encouragement from us. It's cute seeing her bounce up and down while standing.

Hope your summer is going well!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walking Video

FYI...make sure you watch the ENTIRE video here for who is walking. Grammy got me worried that folks might not be watching the entire video. Have fun!! :)
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Walker(s) Revealed

Thank you, folks, for being so patient. To make a long story short, we took some video of the girls that I wanted to post here, revealing the walker(s). Then, Vegas decided it didn't like the Hyperthreading on my new HP computer so it kept bombing when making the video. Well, that was all solved by turning off Hyperthreading. Whew!

Now, without much further ado, here is some video of who is walking. You might be surprised :)

SB Walking 062009 from Pelikan on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girls on the school schedule

Well, we've add something new for us. We've changed our schedule around for the girls...and us. Jared will be starting Kindergarten in a little over a month (REALLY?! you've GOT to be joking!!) and will need to get to school by a specific time in the morning. So instead of making that schedule change on the first day of school, or perhaps the day before, we decided to start it now so that the girls (and us!) will be used to the new schedule by Jared's first day. Really, it's not THAT big of a change. Everything, other than dinner, has been moved up 1 hour. It goes like this...

6:00AM - P, M & J wake up
6:30AM - P, M & J eat breakfast
7:30AM - Girlies eat breakfast
8:00AM - Take J to school
9:00AM - Girlies nap
11:30AM - Girlies eat lunch
1:00PM - Girlies nap
3:00PM - Pick up J from school
4:30PM - Giriles eat dinner
5:30PM - P, M & J eat dinner **Hopefully, SOMEDAY!, all 7 of us can eat dinner (and breakfast and lunch) at the same time and together. Yay! for when that day comes.
6:30PM/7:00PM - Bedtime for kids
10:00PM - Bedtime for P & M

So far the girlies haven't given us much trouble with the new schedule. Although, Brielle did give us some fuss Monday and Tuesday and Anna gave us some fuss today. I think it was just their way of saying "mama! do we REALLY have to get up earlier? i like my beauty sleep!" ;) Me too girls, me too!! All in all they have been good to us. Praise God for them being kind and gentle to us!! ;)

That's what we've been doing this week. Hope your week is going well too!post signature

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mall trip! (out again?!)

This past Saturday we decided to take the 5 kids out again. Wow, are we on a roll or what? ;) We took them to our local mall where there is a fun play area for kiddos, one for bigger kids and one for crawlers/babies. The girls and Jared had fun! Well, except for Brielle who cried once we sat her in the crawling area. I had to sit with her for a while until she got used to the idea of playing in there. Ha! What a silly girly! Here are some pics of the girls playing. Sorry, Jared, I forgot to take some pictures of you playing :( I lost my mind :P

Bethany playing
"yeah, this is FUN mama!"Anna"i like this mama! good idea!"Brielle"okay, i guess i have warmed up to this place. it's all good mama."Suzan" that a piece of lint i see over there?"More play pictures of AnnaSilly Bethany!Suzan and Bethany, checking out the play area for the bigger kids - "awe mama! we want to go over there now!"Suzan and her silly smirk ;) - "woo hoo! i'm on my way to the moon in this shuttle!!"Anna, Brielle and Suzan playingBethany and Suzan playing with this maze toy on the wall. They met a little friend too!Anna riding the space shuttle"wheeeeeeeee!"Bethany riding the shuttle now (yeah, I think she pulled Anna out of it - Ha!)All done!And Suzan, standing, and Brielle eyeing the bigger play area. Hm....I will say that I think the girls lasted about 20 mintues in the crawling area. Then they were determined to crawl out into the bigger kid play area. Not the 1 hour of playtime I expected for them. Oh well. That's when we decided to load them back into the strollers and casually stroll around the mall. They enjoyed that too.

The mall is a great air conditioned place for us/me to take the girls to play at in the summertime. Oh yeah! ;)
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quesadilla time!

I used to be a bit creative with meals for the girls. I would compose a meal schedule, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for a few days and post it in our kitchen. That way I, and anyone else helping, knew what to expect to feed the girls. It also saved time and was a better way for me to organize meals. However, lately I've been in a funk and am a bit stagnant in my meal creativity :P

Even with my lack of creativity, the girls still enjoy the meals I prepare for them, especially quesadillas! And what's wrong with having quesadillas for lunch EVERY DAY anyways? ;) You've got your carb, the tortilla, and then the protein and fat, the yummy melted cheese. YUM! Well, along with quesadillas they also have beans (black, pinto, kidney, etc.) and some fruit (applesauce, strawberries, etc.).

Brielle - "yes mama, i DO like your food. i just take my time eating it. okay?"Anna - "it's very cheesy mama. just the way i like it!"Bethany - "mama, you know me, i will eat ALL of your foods! just keep 'em coming!!"Suzan - "i eat, then play, then make funny faces, then eat some more, then more play, then more funny faces. mama, you know me, i am funny like that. HA! ;)"
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Playing with friends

Yesterday, the kids and I had the pleasure of playing with our friend, Ashley, and her two little girls, Faith and 7wk old Addison, at our home. It was fun! Ashley and I thought it was too funny and cute seeing Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle stare at and be all over Addison. You wonder what our girls were thinking looking at little Addison :D

Here are a few pics. Enjoy!

Jared, Brielle, Suzan and Anna looking at baby Addison with Ashley. I think Anna was the girl that looked at and touched Addison the most. The other girls would stop by and look but then go back to playing.Bethany checking out Addison's toyAgain, Anna checking out Addison. Ashley and I joked that we could both call Anna and Addison "AJ," as both of their names start with the letter "A" and both of their middle names are "Joy." How funny!Miss Brielle, wondering what Mama is up to ;)And Baby Addison, at 7 weeks old. Very sweet!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A pink and green day

So, as most of you know, we've been color-coding the girls since birth. Suzan wears yellow, Anna pink, Bethany green and Brielle purple. Well, those days are coming to an end. I will say that it's been a bit difficult for me to just "turn off" the color coding. You know, "old dog, new tricks?" ;) Since the girls turned a year or so old I've been trying to have them wear different colors. Remember my ol' switcher roo on you a few weeks ago? So something like that. Well, today was one of those days but it was an all pink and green day. Okay, NO Jared was not wearing pink or green; just the girlies :P I still try to have Anna wear pink and Bethany green as most friends and family still can't tell them apart (yes, I'm talking about you! I see you looking the other way ;) ). I thought I'd take some pics of the girlies (and Jared with his sisters!) outside today. It was bright out! You know we get something like 300 days of sun here in AZ :D

Here they are, all in pink and green. Bethany, Anna, Suzan and Brielle. Thanks again to Misty U for the girly outfits she passes on to us! She, too, is a GGGG mom :) I was trying to get them to smile. 3 out of 4 ain't bad ;) FYI, I like my lighting here. I think the sun was behind a cloud.Here they are all smiling! Yay!This one I like because of Suzan's cheesy smile. What a goofball ;) Oh, and Brielle is being funny with the grass - "mama, this green carpet feels funny on my toes! make it stop!!"This is funny because of Bethany. I have no clue what she was doing or thinking - "back away Anna! Get in the back row. You are blocking me in the picture. Get back!" And now Brielle has a cheesy smile :PAnd lastly, one with Big Brother. He LOVES being with his sisters.So, I'm working revealing who the beginner walker is. It looks like everyone is guessing all over the place. 1 vote for Bethany from Moni, 2 for Brielle from the grandparents and 3 for Anna from other readers. None for Suzan? Wow, I am surprised as she is in the lead in the poll. Look back for a follow-up post on the revelation...and it might just include some video of the walking too! Oooo, that might be a treat ;)
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A step in the right direction

Well, someone has started to take a few steps on her own. Who is it? I'll give you a few hints...
  • It's a girl (obvious ;) ).
  • Her birth date is 03/04/08.
  • She weighs between 20 and 25lbs.
  • Is about 30 to 32 inches tall.
  • Is smiley.
  • Likes to laugh and giggle.
  • Loves playing.
  • And her name is..........................
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Redecorating the pink nursery

So, if you will recall, I mentioned that these days Bethany has learned to open up the dresser drawers, from within her crib mind you ;) , and pull out clothes. Well, now Anna has learned how to do it and the both of them are redecorating the pink nursery (their room). Ha! Every time I walk in to their room I find PJs, outfits and burp cloths in their cribs and all over the floor. Oh, and then once they are out of their cribs and on the floor they crawl over to the other dresser in the room (we have two in there) and pull out any clothes in there, e.g. the sets of 4 matching outfits we have for the girls. Left to their own devices, Bethany and Anna can clean out the dressers in no time...and open the closet doors, and pull out the dirty clothes hamper in the closet, and pull off every book on the bookshelf, and... Paul went in to their room this past Saturday and saw, first hand, what these two little girlies can do while playing "on their own." He later mentioned this to me and said "um, you need to rearrange their room and put some stuff up higher because those two are in to EVERYTHING." I replied with "yup. been there, seen it" ;)

This is a picture of the crib layout in the pink nursery. This was in the process of being decorated while I was pregnant with the girls. The dresser that is involved in the criminal acts of Anna and Bethany is smack dab in the opening/middle of the cribs. The other dresser is against another wall. You can picture them standing up in the cribs, with their cherub faces smiling and yet their little hands and arms reaching through the slats and pulling open the dresser drawers. Ha! :DSo, we might have to take on a "reorganizing" project for their room. However, I'm not too sure how I can deter them from opening up the dresser drawers when playing on the floor. I think that is inevitable :P
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