Saturday, May 30, 2009


Thanks to those of you that left a comment or recipe suggestion for our tomatoes. I have been able to cook a couple of recipes with the tomatoes. So far we've tried...
I have one more recipe that I am going to try. While at All Recipes I came across a Basil Chicken over Angel Hair pasta recipe. Sounds yummy! I might have to try making some salsa too, as others have suggested. Just need a recipe.

Also, I don't think I have mentioned what I've been working on this week. Yes, lots of you will think "um, where do you have the TIME for this?" but I have to say that it's mostly at night, when the 5 kids have been tucked in to bed. Also, this is pretty simple and straightforward.
It's a 4th of July table runner. I've been wanting to make one for a while now. I found the pattern, free (yay!), off the web and found the fabrics at Joann's (oh Joann's! I could live there if I could! ;) ) I have sewn and quilted before (if you remember the girls' 1st Halloween costumes, a quilt for Jared and my very first quilt I made for me and Paul back in 2002). The table runner is almost done. I just need to quilt it, e.g. stitch around the stars and stitch-in-the-ditch. I think it looks pretty cute and festive. Perfect for the 4th :) Now, I am getting the bug to sew and quilt more, e.g. clothes for the girls, quilts for the girls, more decor, etc. More crafting?! Oh no! ;) Well, we'll see if I have the time and $$ for all when all the kids are grown ;)
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Kimberly & Alex said...

I'm so jealous of all your tomatos, I've been craving some home grown ones and being on bedrest I couldn't even plant one plant this year. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the neighbors to rippen!

Moni Graf said...

Homegrown tomatoes are my FAVORITE summertime food! All the recipes looked so good.

The tablerunner is looking awesome! You know, Maria....some people get that "baby itch" about this time. So, you can tell Paul to be thankful you have the "crafting itch" instead on your mind! Ha!

Missed you on the trip....I hope you'll be able to make it to the 2nd Annual QuadMommas Trip!


jenn said...

what a cute table runner! i wish i was crafty like that! i have two tomatoe tomatoes yet...but they have flowers! i will have to try these recipes! thanks!

Cochran Quads said...

Seriously, could you be anymore crafty!! Everyone went NUTS over HN's ads in the ballet recital magazine! You are awesome!! I'm going to send you a secret message about the babies birthday party, ya think you could help me out with that? You are AwEsOmE!

Dan and Margo said...

Love the table runner! I know how you feel about getting all the projects you want to do done, like when the kids are grown! But you have even less time than me so I'm impressed :)

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