Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Red, ripe and juicy!

Yes, another post on the tomatoes we're growing :D

Yesterday afternoon, Jared and I went outside to check on our 6 tomato bushes. We were pleasantly surprised to see a few red ones. Yay! We picked 3 Husky Cherry Reds and 2 Celebrities. Jared was SO excited to eat the tomatoes. We ate one of the Celebrities and two of the Cherry Reds with dinner last evening. YUM! The Celebrity was mighty good and sweet! Jared wants to eat the rest of them this evening, making something called a "Tomato Face." We'll see.

This brings our total of ripe picked tomatoes, thus far, to 8. Woo hoo! And LOTS more red ones to come! We have an excellent bumper crop of tomatoes! I think we might have some red, ripe juicy ones to share with Grandpa and Grandma C when they come in to town :) Nothing like homegrown tomatoes!!
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