Saturday, May 02, 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Usually, Bear, our cat, likes to hide out in the house. But the other day she was looking for some attention. So I picked her up and let the girls pet her. Oh man! Did they LOVE that! Especially Anna. Anna started crying when I took Bear away from her so that one of her sisters could pet her next. Ha! But then Bear had enough of the petting and wanted to go outside..."meow! PLEASE let me out! meow!" ;) So then I thought it would be cute for the girls to look out the back door at Bear. They were quite excited for that. Here are some pics.

Jared, Suzan, Anna, Brielle and Bethany looking outside at BearThe girlies looking at the catIt looks like Anna is really enjoying Bear in this pic - "hi kitty! i wuv u kitty!"Bethany, Suzan and Anna looking out. Brielle lost interest :PNow Suzan has lost interest. Looks like Bethany is losing interest too but not Anna. She loves that cat!Silly Bethany :PBrielle's more interested in playing with the buckles hanging underneath the feeding table. Ha!
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Anonymous said...

Love those babies!

Cochran Quads said...

Precious babies and Precious Kitty!!

Todd said...

Oh man, Bear is still around! That's great, glad to hear the girls like her!

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